Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Main Exhibition Venues in São Paulo

On average there is one event every six minutes in São Paulo and 75% of the largest exhibitions in the country take place in the city, which has several exhibition venues available. In this article we will look at the city's major exhibition venues.


Solar Parks in Brazil

According to the National Electric Energy Agency, known as Aneel, there are 317 solar parks operating in Brazil and 23 under construction. In this article we will learn more about the main solar parks in Brazil.


BNDES Credit Lines and Accredited Suppliers

The Brazilian government offers multiple incentives for small and medium national companies. Among these, there are special credit lines that are easier to obtain and help small and medium companies grow. In this article, we will understand what it means to be a BNDES Fornecedor Credenciado.


How to Import Grapes and Stone Fruits to Brazil

Despite Brazil being a country renowned for its fruit, it still imports some specific ones such as grapes and stone fruits. In this article, we will explain how to import these fruits to Brazil.





Updating an Address in Brazil

There is no unified system to register a change of address for Brazilian citizens, but there are some cases when it is necessary to notify companies of a change of address. In this article you will see the main cases.


Home Gas Distribution in Brazil

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or LPG, is still widely used throughout Brazil for cooking and heating. In this article we will learn more about the distribution of gas and how it is done in Brazil.


Reverse Logistics for Batteries in Brazil

Reverse logistics are a requirement in a world where industries cannot afford to set aside waste that could still be useful in the production cycle. Driven by this and by a strong environmental concern, mandatory reverse logistics systems for batteries are being implemented in Brazil.


Helicopter Regulation in Brazil

Strict regulations over helicopter flights are very important, especially in large cities, due to the danger arising from these activities. In this article, we will take a look at helicopter flight regulations in Brazil.


Equipment Rental in Brazil

When participating in fairs or other events, it is common for companies to rent various equipment in order to aid their trade promotion. In this article, we will learn more about equipment rental in Brazil.


Income Tax Discounts

Brazilian individual taxpayers of income tax, known as IRPF, can benefit from different deductions that reduce the amount payable or increase the chances of a IRPF refund. In this article we will look at which expenses can be deducted.


Prohibited Imports To Brazil

Whether it is due to strategic economic measures, to cultural beliefs or to health concerns countries may totally forbid the import of specific goods. In this article, we will look at which goods are prohibited to be imported to Brazil.


Bigamy in Brazil

Cultural values change from one country to another, and some common practices may even be considered a criminal offense in different places of the world. In this article, we will learn more about how bigamy is viewed in Brazil.


Running a Cultural Performance in Brazil

Brazil has a lot of interest in promoting cultural events from abroad, so there are great incentives for entities to bring foreign artists to Brazil. In this article we will look at the legal requirements for foreigners who wish to run a cultural performance in Brazil.


Defense Sector in Brazil

A regulatory framework established in 2013, gave preference to the Brazilian defense industries at the same time that the budget for this sector has risen. In this article we will take a look at some of the numbers in the Brazilian defense sector.


Energy Sources In Brazil

Today, the main energy sources in Brazil are generated by hydropower, oil, mineral coal and biofuels. Some others sources are used on a smaller scale, such as natural gas and nuclear power. In this article you are going to learn more about the different energy sources in Brazil.



Mapping Providers and GIS in Brazil

If your business requires complex, updated geographical data from Brazil, it is necessary to contract a map reporting service from a company in the segment of GIS.

OTT services in Brazil

Each year, an increasing number of Brazilian consumers subscribe to digital content distribution services.

E-commerce of cosmetics in Brazil

The online sale of cosmetics presents a sizable opportunity in Brazil.