Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Visa for Volunteer Work in Brazil

When seeking to engage in volunteer work in Brazil it is important to clarify the visa situation before you travel to Brazil. In this article we will be looking at the visa requirements for volunteer work in Brazil.


Cost of living in Rio de Janeiro in 2015

Rio de Janeiro is considered to be one of most expensive cities to live in Brazil, and over the last decade the prices have become even more inflated. In this article we will outline some of the prices practiced in the city to give you an idea of the cost of living in Rio.


7 Ways to Reduce Taxes on Import of Products to Brazil

In this article we will be looking at strategies on how to reduce the taxes when importing products to Brazil.


Fees charged by Brazilian Boards of Trade

The Brazilian Boards of Trade provide a variety of services to commercial entities that operate in Brazil, however most of the services are not free. In this article you will find out about the fees charged by these government bodies.





Costs of Owning a Car in Brazil

Cars in Brazil have one of the highest tax burdens in the world and the cost of having a car is equally as high. In this article we will have a look at some of the costs related to keeping a car in Brazil.


The Brazilian Educational System

This article will give you an overview of the Brazilian education system and how it directly affects the country's economic growth and development.


Taxation Regime Simples Nacional

Tax and bureaucracy are a huge burden for any Brazilian company, but it impacts small sized businesses even more. To address this issue the Brazilian government created Simples Nacional, a taxation regime designed to simplify the collection of taxes for companies categorized as micro or small size.


How long can I stay in Brazil?

The time that you are allowed to stay in Brazil will vary according to the type of visa granted. In this article you will find information about how long you can stay in Brazil depending on the type of visa you have been granted.


Tax Incentives for Sports Sponsorships in Brazil

The Sports Incentive Law, also known as Lei de Incentivo aos Esportes was created in Brazil in order to promote social projects related to sports. In this article, we will look in more detail about this law and how companies and individuals can benefit from it.


Articles of Association in Brazil

The Brazilian Articles of Association, known as Contrato Social in Portuguese, is the official document that is required for formalizing a business partnership and one of the first steps for legally registering a company.


Guide for Simplified Import to Brazil

Most of the goods imported to Brazil go through a regular import process, but some are eligible for simplified custom clearance procedures. In this article we will list the items and categories that can benefit from this simplified process and what the basic steps for clearing these items into the country are.


The 10 largest supermarket chains in Brazil

According to the latest research made by the Brazilian Supermarket Association (Abras), the supermarket sector revenue was BRL 258.7 billion in 2014. About 65% of the total amount went to the ten largest supermarket chains in Brazil. This article will give an overview of the top players in this segment.


Visa for Au Pairs in Brazil

It is common to find information about Brazilians who want to work as Au Pairs, but you never hear about foreigners being Au Pairs in Brazil. The reason is because this type of exchange is not possible according to Brazilian Legislation. This article will explain why Au Pairs are not common in Brazil.


How to Import Art to Brazil

In the last few years, the Brazilian Government has been trying to encourage the development of culture in the country through the expansion of the art market by exporting and importing more cultural goods. This article outlines the process to import art to Brazil.


How to Bring your Pet to Brazil

Foreigners coming to Brazil sometimes bring all their family, including their pets. There are a few procedures that need to be followed in order to legally import your pet to Brazil and in this article we will give you an introduction on the topic.



Telecommunication Taxes in Brazil

Brazil holds one of the most burdening taxation policies for telecommunications in the world, a factor that hampers the expansion of these services in the country.

5 Unique Challenges for IoT Appliances in Brazil

The opportunities with the Internet of Things are well known and most of the applications are ubiquitous around the world

Status of Mobile Payment in Brazil

Recent developments in the national regulation and partnerships between telecommunications companies and financial institutions are pointing to the large potential for the sector of mobile payments in Brazil