Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Guide for Simplified Import to Brazil

Most of the goods imported to Brazil go through a regular import process, but some are eligible for simplified custom clearance procedures. In this article we will list the items and categories that can benefit from this simplified process and what the basic steps for clearing these items into the country are.


The 10 largest supermarket chains in Brazil

According to the latest research made by the Brazilian Supermarket Association (Abras), the supermarket sector revenue was BRL 258.7 billion in 2014. About 65% of the total amount went to the ten largest supermarket chains in Brazil. This article will give an overview of the top players in this segment.


Visa for Au Pairs in Brazil

It is common to find information about Brazilians who want to work as Au Pairs, but you never hear about foreigners being Au Pairs in Brazil. The reason is because this type of exchange is not possible according to Brazilian Legislation. This article will explain why Au Pairs are not common in Brazil.


How to Import Art to Brazil

In the last few years, the Brazilian Government has been trying to encourage the development of culture in the country through the expansion of the art market by exporting and importing more cultural goods. This article outlines the process to import art to Brazil.





How to Bring your Pet to Brazil

Foreigners coming to Brazil sometimes bring all their family, including their pets. There are a few procedures that need to be followed in order to legally import your pet to Brazil and in this article we will give you an introduction on the topic.


Naming a Company in Brazil

There are certain rules that must be obeyed when choosing or changing your company name in Brazil. In addition to a few general rules, there are many specific guidelines that will vary according to the type of company, activity, etc. This article will help you understand the basic requirements for naming a company in Brazil.


Wind Energy in Brazil

While attention has mainly been focused on the oil reserves available along the Brazilian coast, many seem to have overlooked the great potential that wind energy has in Brazil.


Brazilian Food to Try and to Avoid

As there are delicious Brazilian dishes that please the foreign palate there are also those that are not so desired and even cause malaise. This article will help you learn which ones you should try and which ones you should definitely stay away from.


Complete Guide to Issue Nota Fiscal in Brazil

Often highlighted as one of the main reasons to formally register any business in Brazil, is the issuance of Nota Fiscal, commonly mistaken by foreigners as a simple invoice. Authorization to issue Notas Fiscais is one of the final steps for registering a legal entity in Brazil. This article is a summarized guide on the process that will allow your company to issue Notas Fiscais.


Advertising Regulation for Lawyers in Brazil

Unlike many other countries where lawyers are allowed to advertise freely for their services, Brazil has many restrictions for this type of advertising. In this article we will outline some of the restrictions imposed by OAB for lawyer advertising.


Energy Compensation System in Brazil

In order to increase savings on electrical expenses, several households are investing in solar power to produce their own electricity. In this article we will explain how the energy compensation system is applied to self power generators.


Subletting a Real Estate in Brazil

Subletting or subleasing real estate is a common practice in most countries around the world, but in Brazil this practice is not necessarily so common and widely accepted. We will cover in this article aspects related to the subletting of offices and residential real estate.


Cleaning Product Market in Brazil

Brazilians are the largest consumers of cleaning products in Latin America spending an average of BRL 271,68 per year. According to Sebrae, an institution supporting the development of small and micro companies, Brazil has the fourth largest market in the word for cleaning products after the United States, China and Japan.


Waste Recycling in Brazil

Brazil still loses a large amount of money for not properly recycling waste from its cities, of which only 14% have selective waste collection programs. In this article, we will give an overview of the status of waste recycling in Brazil.


The Positioning of a Foreign Company in Brazil

Brazil is a country that is always open to novelties and innovations among the market’s sectors. But first of all, to open a business in the country, it is necessary to understand the market in which you will focus and adapt to its particularities.



Production Studios in Brazil

Due to recent legislation, Brazilian audiovisual productions are expected to grow within the next few years across several platforms whilst production studios are already creating successful content

International Roaming for the United States

In order to provide roaming to clients that travel outside Brazil, mobile operators partner with foreign service providers to offer services such as voice calls and data

Semiconductor Manufacturers in Brazil

Over the past few years the Brazilian technology industry has tried to deploy a semiconductor factory to operate on a commercial scale, but until the present day just a few have succeeded