Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Comparing Employment Law In USA and Brazil

Brazil and the United States have complex employment laws. This article relates some of the main topics of this subject in both countries.


Relation Between Politics And Religion In Brazil

Inherited from Portuguese colonization, Catholicism was the official state religion until the Republican Constitution of 1891 established the secular State. But religion in Brazil is very diverse and characterized by syncretism. As a matter of fact, religion is so entangled in Brazilian daily life that it could not be kept apart from politics, as it would have been expected in a secular country. In this article, we will look at the relation between Politics and Religion in Brazil.


How To Import Toys To Brazil

Increased production by the Brazilian toy industry has lowered the number of imported toys in Brazil, but products from other countries still make up more than half of this market in the country. This article will explain what is necessary to import toys to Brazil.


Data And Statistics In Brazil

Despite IBGE - Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics - being the major actor in Data and Statistics gathering in Brazil, still, there are many private companies that provide information for niches. In this article, we will take a look at the sector of Data and Statistics in Brazil.





7 Unique Brazilian Furniture

Do you own a pingômetro? Ever heard about a fruteira? This article will list these and other objects that can, more than likely, only be found in Brazil.


7 Brazilian Unique Laws

With its more than 181.000 laws, the Brazilian legal system is totally entangled, anachronistic and confusing even for those who work with it every day. It is so confusing, that even the Federal Court of Justice does not know how many of them were revoked and how many of them are still in force. In this article we will take a look at 7 things that are illegal in Brazil but not often abroad.


Concurso Público In Brazil

The standard process to fill a position offered by the government or other entities is known as concurso público, which can be highly competitive and, in some cases, even demand years of study. This article will explain what concurso público is and why so many in Brazil are interested in it.


Regulatory Environment for Business in Brazil

In a country like Brazil where protectionism still has deep roots, some industries - specially infrastructure services - have strong state controlled companies dominating the national market, like Petrobras. In an attempt to increase the investment and improve the services level in these sectors the Brazilian government opened them to private investors, a measure that demanded regulatory tools. In this article, we will have an overview of the Regulatory Environment for Business in Brazil.


How To Obtain A Limited Radar License

In some cases, importers are granted a simplified license to access Siscomex. This article explains what the Limited Radar License is and how to get it.


Introduction To The Brazilian Constitution

Brazil's current Federal Constitution has been valid since 1988. This article will explain the main pillars of the Constituição, as well as how this document can possibly be modified.


15 Most Popular Sports In Brazil

It is not very hard to state that football — or soccer, as the Americans call it — is the most popular sport in Brazil. However, other modalities are gaining ground and supporters. Find out in this article what the main sports are among Brazilians.


How To Negotiate Tax Debts With Receita Federal

During hard times or after bad financial results, tax debts may appear. Find out in this article how to manage those debts with the Federal Revenue.


15 Items You Cannot Find In Brazil

As a country with an expressive upper and middle class willing to acquire imported goods, the Brazilian market offers to its consumers almost every option available for consumers worldwide. Nevertheless, a few items are not available for Brazilian purchasers.


Tobacco Industry In Brazil

The growth of the Brazilian tobacco industry is going to be faced with many challenges as countries put in place strong regulations to fight the health effects of consuming tobacco. This article will cover the changes and challenges this sector is going through.


Logging Permit In Brazil

Brazil has been trying to get rid of its image as a deforester country, but the country is still seen as one of the biggest loggers in the world. This article will explain more about logging permits in Brazil.