Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Adoption Rules in Brazil

Despite Brazil being renowned worldwide for its adoption system, many doubts remain as to who can apply to adopt Brazilian children and adolescents. In this article, we will take a closer look at the adoption rules in Brazil.


Work License for Artist in Brazil

In Brazil there are some occupations that require a special register to be able to perform the activities legally. In this article you will learn about the DRT registration, the work license for professionals in the artistic area which ensures that professionals comply with the requirements established by law.


Import of Goods as Foreign Investment in Brazil

Foreign companies willing to invest in Brazil can do so by importing goods to Brazil and integrating them directly to their capital in that country. In this article, we will see how foreign investment as imported goods is regularized in Brazil.


Bargaining in Brazil

Searching for the best price on products and services from various institutions and asking for a discount is a very common practice in Brazil. In this article we will look at the art of bargaining in Brazilian culture.





Airport Fees in Brazil

The use of airport facilities and services can present many fees that guarantee the good functioning of these services. In this article you are going to learn more about what these fees represent and how they are applied.


Brazilian Capitals with Best Internet Connection

The Brazilian government and private initiatives have recently made substantial investments in the expansion of Brazil’s internet infrastructure. In this article you are going to discover the Brazilian locations with best internet connections.


Sweets Market in Brazil

Sweets are one of the most popular types of food consumed around the world, making this a very promising sector. As this is true in Brazil, let us take a look at the sweet market in Brazil. In this article, we will cover information regarding candy, gum and peanut sweets, excluding chocolate.


Service Fee and Tips in Brazil

When travelling to other countries, questions may arise as to how to tip for services, as well as if there are any additional service fees. In this article, we will learn more about the service fee and tips in Brazil.


Understanding Real Ouro

The Real Ouro is the currency created as a unique rate for Brazilian consular charges in other countries. It is used for calculating the price of official documents and other services provided by consulates.


IRPJ Exemption for Digital Inclusion Program

In Brazil, companies that contribute to the Digital Inclusion Program receive tax incentives from the government. These companies are exempt from paying income tax, which in Brazil is IRPJ. In this article you will learn more about this tax relief.


Types of Customs Clearance In Brazil

When trading goods to and from Brazil, exporters and importers must be aware of administrative processes at Brazilian customs. In this article, we will outline the types of customs clearance when importing to Brazil.


Home Inventory Insurance in Brazil

Insuring your home contents is becoming more common nowadays, especially for people who possess extremely valuable goods. In this article, we will learn more about home contents insurance in Brazil.


Cosmetics Regulation in Brazil

Perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries and similar products need to be registered with the National Agency of Health Surveillance, ANVISA, which regulates the production, import and trade of perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. It has established the criteria for the composition of the products, permitted and restricted ingredients, instructions for labeling and other related measures.


Top 10 Printed Newspaper in Brazil

Brazilian printed newspapers have always had a big role in the country. Nowadays their popularity is dropping, but there are still many copies in circulation, keeping the old tradition of printed paper alive.


10 Most Polluted Rivers in Brazil

A polluted river is a reservoir of water that during its course has received chemical, biological or even physical residue causing harm to the soil, fauna, flora or human life.



Spam Regulation in Brazil

The Brazilian government has developed a number of measures to regulate the traffic of spam.

Bitcoin Payment Acceptance in Brazil

In Brazil it is possible to use Bitcoin to pay for services ranging from construction services to hotel accommodation.

Largest Electronics Manufacturers in Manaus

The city of Manaus concentrates some of the largest and most important electronics manufacturers in Brazil.