Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Brazilian Software Market

Brazil is currently among the top ten software markets in the world, surpassing other economic powerhouses like China and India. This article shows an overview of this market and analyzes possible forecasts for the years to come.


Opening Hours in Brazil

There is no formally defined business hours in Brazil, thus working hours vary a lot between establishments. If you are not sure of the hours in which to reach a Brazilian company, this article might be useful.


All About Certificate of Origin

Confirming the origin of production of goods being exported is an important step during foreign trade. This article will cover how to do so in Brazil using a Certificate of Origin.


All About Units and Voltage in Brazil

Running after a plug adapter is one of the first actions taken by foreigners arriving in Brazil. This article will be useful if you want to understand the Brazilian voltage system and the adopted measurement units.





Print Media Industry in Brazil

Printed newspapers and magazines are still very prevalent even with the implementation of technology in news media. Learn in this article how this sector is doing in Brazil.


Authorization for Taking Photographs in Brazil

There is a thin line in Brazil between when it is legal or not to take photographs. This article will cover the main points of this issue, and will also explain how to get authorizations in certain occasions.


Vending Machines in Brazil

Vending machines were brought to Brazil in the early 1990s and today this market has the potential to increase - with different products to sell. Learn more about them in this article.


Types of Warehouses in Brazil

There are different types of warehouses for different needs when importing or temporarily storing goods in Brazil. The main customs procedures are covered in this article, with special attention to those classified as “atypical regimes”.


Penalties for Errors When Importing to Brazil

Mistakes when bringing goods to Brazil can be expensive. In some cases, the fine may even surpass the Import Tax. This article will list the existing fines and their causes.


How to Get an ISBN Code in Brazil

An ISBN code is basically the registration of a book's title and edition, making it possible to identify that volume internationally. This article will present the necessary procedures to get a code in Brazil.


Brazilian Aerospace Industry

The Brazilian Aerospace Industry is known internationally mainly because of Embraer, but there are many other companies of this branch in Brazil. This article will outline the most important aspects of this business.


Difficulties of Finding a Place to Live in Rio de Janeiro

The most famous city in Brazil is also the most expensive to live in. High prices are only one of the headaches felt by foreigners looking for real estate, as shown in this article.


Emigration From Brazil

Growing economy, growing job opportunities, growing investments. Brazil is far from an economical crisis, but many Brazilians choose to live in other countries. This article will cover this emigration movement.


Bonded Warehouse Additional Services

Bonded warehouses offer several useful services beyond the storage of goods without paying taxes. This article will cover the additional services available in these areas.


How to Calculate Brazilian Import Duties and Taxes

The calculation of Import Duties and Taxes to Brazil is not difficult, and in this article we will explain once and for all how it is done.