Become a Service Partner

Our goal is to be a connection point between foreign businesses and Brazilian service providers.

Over the last 5 years, professionals have accessed The Brazil Business to learn about business in Brazil, all free of charge. By 2013, we realized there is a value in extending the learning experience to our readers. Results have shown that by connecting foreigners to Brazilian service providers we are enhancing the learning experience.

A Different form of Partnership

Our goal is to provide a native partner format where our readers and your customers feel that the advertisement adds value to the overall experience.

This is how it works:

  1. Similarly to SEM, partners place bids for the different types of leads according to how much they value them.
  2. After reading an article, the reader will be prompted with a question of whether he would like to receive professional assistance.
  3. The reader completes a short form answering some questions regarding his needs.
  4. The Brazil Business automatically matches the readers needs with our partner profiles to find the best match.
  5. Within seconds both the reader and the partner will receive each others contact details by e-mail.

Our partners only pay for receiving the lead, we don't charge commission or any other type of success fee. Bids typically range between BRL 2 and BRL 50 per lead and there is no minimum charge.

Qualification of Partners

Although we cannot guarantee the services our partners provide, we are vetting all new partners for quality assurance.

Our partners must demonstrate experience in the area in which they wish to receive leads as well as demonstrate good English or other foreign language skills.

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