Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

How To Behave In a Brazilian Store

When travelling abroad, one of the many things that strikes tourists the most is the way people behave with each other, especially when it comes to a thing almost every tourist likes to do: shopping. In this article, we will give you tips on how to behave in a Brazilian store.


Names in Brazil

What’s your name? The answer can tell you a lot about your origin. In Brazil, both first and last names transmit information about you and your family. In this article we will find out more about the most common Brazilian names and their historical or contemporary origins.


The Brazilian way of doing things

In a world of increasing appreciation for cross-cultural competence, it is imperative to adapt to new cultures. Brazilians have a unique manner of handling things, that can surprise unprepared foreigners. This article will enlighten you about the "jeitinho brasileiro", and explain how it can affect your life and business in Brazil.





Dining Culture in Brazil

Brazilians are people who enjoy eating and like doing it a lot, even with only three meals. Here you will discover more about the Brazilian dinner habits, such as tips on how to behave, culture curiosities and the most searched destinations to eat.


Social Classes in Brazil

Brazilian society often relies on social classes when segmenting the demography of their population. This article will give you an introduction to how the concept of social classes works in Brazil.


Brazilian Proof of Residence

Proof of residence can be requested on several different occasions in Brazil and the type of document that is accepted varies according to the institution. In this article we will explain the types of documents used as proof of residence in Brazil and what you can do if you don’t have one.


The Brazilian Educational System

This article will give you an overview of the Brazilian education system and how it directly affects the country's economic growth and development.


The Positioning of a Foreign Company in Brazil

Brazil is a country that is always open to novelties and innovations among the market’s sectors. But first of all, to open a business in the country, it is necessary to understand the market in which you will focus and adapt to its particularities.


Introduction to IBAMA

IBAMA is an institute that was created to ensure the preservation and maintenance of the environment. It acts in the protection of Brazilian natural resources. In this article we will understand what IBAMA is and its functions.


15 Coworking Spaces in Rio de Janeiro

Coworking is a style of working that involves a shared working environment, like an office, with workers coming from different places and industries. Unlike a typical office, these coworkers are usually not employed by the same organization. In this article we are going to present you with a few coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro.