Guide to Doing Business in Brazil

Deportation in Brazil

Although it is not always in the headlines of the newspapers, Brazil deports foreigners who, somehow, disobey local laws. In this article you will learn more about this practice which is very common around the world.


Risks of Hiring Individuals as Sales Representatives

There is fine line between hiring a professional as self-employed and a worker with employment ties. Business owners must have a good knowledge of how the law applies in each case to avoid lawsuits and other legal issues.


Sending samples and showcasing products in Brazil

Getting your products in the hands of potential distributors, resellers or even buyers in Brazil is an effective way to prove the quality of the product and ensure that they meet the buyer's expectations. We will discuss in this article how to get your samples to your clients in Brazil.


Solar Panel Certification Process in Brazil

Brazil is more advanced than most countries around the globe when it comes to clean energy, but the solar power presence is yet to be expanded in the energy matrix. This article outlines the certification process of solar panels to Brazil.





How to rent an office in Brazil

The process of renting an office in Brazil can be very bureaucratic. From the choice of the property to the regularisation process, there are some particularities involved. In this article we will look at how to rent an office in Brazil and what the particularities of this process are.


Small Claims courts in Brazil

This article will provide information on how to bring legal action in the Brazilian small claim courts. We will also give an outline about the definition of small causes according to Brazilian law and describe the steps of the process in the courts.


Sending gifts to Brazil by postal service

One of the most recurring questions we receive from our readers is related to sending and receiving gifts via the Brazilian postal service, known as Correios. Here we have the ultimate guide to answer all these questions.


Cost of furnishing an office in Brazil

Part of setting up a physical presence in Brazil includes planning the budget for furnishing and equipping a workspace to accommodate your employees.


How To Behave In a Brazilian Store

When travelling abroad, one of the many things that strikes tourists the most is the way people behave with each other, especially when it comes to a thing almost every tourist likes to do: shopping. In this article, we will give you tips on how to behave in a Brazilian store.


Jobs for Non-Portuguese Speakers in Brazil

Not everyone has the money, time and will to learn a new language. That's why we prepared this article, to discuss the real need of knowing Portuguese when considering working in Brazil.


Taxes for Non-residents in Brazil

Brazil is highly attractive to foreign investors. However, the Brazilian taxation system is very complex. Foreigners want to come, so how would non-residents pay their taxes in Brazil?


Getting Divorced in Brazil

The number of marriages are increasing year on year in Brazil, despite marriages lasting shorter periods. In these cases, getting divorced may be the only solution, but how to do it when your marriage crosses borders? If you're a foreigner married to a Brazilian, this article will help you to understand the Brazilian divorce process and how it must be conducted.


Tax Reduction for People with Disabilities

Disabled people represent almost 25% of the entire Brazilian population. In this article we will learn how the measures taken by the government try to promote their accessibility.


Names in Brazil

What’s your name? The answer can tell you a lot about your origin. In Brazil, both first and last names transmit information about you and your family. In this article we will find out more about the most common Brazilian names and their historical or contemporary origins.


7 Things to Consider Before Hiring in Brazil

This article gives an overview of the hiring process in Brazil, including related costs and legal aspects