About The Brazil Business

Cynthia and Egil Fujikawa Nes created The Brazil Business back in 2008. At that time there was very little information available online about how to do business in Brazil.

All large media outlets have focused on why to do business in Brazil, but even the most basic information of taxation structure was difficult to get hold on online.

Editorial Profile

Simplified and high quality content together with unique assets like our tax database have boosted our visitor base and we are proud to say that we are the primary point of contact for anyone researching business in Brazil online.

We are one of the most visited Brazilian media channels that publish content in English with more than 50 000 monthly readers. Our simple plain English style of writing does not only appeal to foreign businesses, but a larger audience of Brazilian users keep returning to The Brazil Business to understand their own country.

Brazil is Complex, we Simplify

As any other media channel, we receive criticism and maybe more so than most other. We try to simplify and generalize Brazilian behaviour based on our reflections and interpretation.

Our office is staffed by a majority of native Brazilians from different parts of the country and we discuss any potentially controversial simplifications before they are published.

Simplifying the behaviour of 200 million people is difficult. We fully understand the implication of having 200 million people that feel they have a right to criticize your interpretation of their behaviour, but this will not stop us from covering topics that we find important.

Connecting People

The Brazil Business do not advice individual companies nor provide consulting to our readers. For this we rely on a network with more than 100 partners that specialise in all areas of doing business in Brazil.

If you are looking for a service provider or are interested in becoming a partner, feel free to contact usany time.

Best Regards,
The Brazil Business Staff