Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Rental prices for offices in Brazil

In this article, you will be informed about the average rental prices of prime offices in Brazil. We covered the largest and more productive state capitals of the country, located in three Brazilian regions


Stealing Infrastructure Access in Brazil

It is part of the “jeitinho brasileiro” to try to get away with everything. Especially if it is for free. Learn how Brazilians have access to all sorts of services for free.


Employee's Abuse of Benefits in Brazil

Brazilian employees are used to several benefits, from health insurance to higher education. Learn how Brazilians find their way to take advantage of initiatives created to improve their own working conditions.






During recent years, the USA and Brazil have become more alike than ever before. Both countries has strong national pride and don’t like to be considered as similar. In this article we will look at the similarities between the two countries and why they can all be categorized as Brazomericans.


Financial and Business Publications in Brazil

It is not difficult to understand the Brazilian readers behavior, specially when it comes to financial and business publications. Find in this article what are the most important Brazilian magazines and newspapers about economy and why they are so relevant for consumers.


Introduction to the Security Industry in Brazil

Brazil's already well-developed security market is experiencing double digit growth driven by stable economic growth and great events to come as World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016. This article will give you an overview of the Brazilian security industry and its promises for the future.


TV Shopping in Brazil

Introduced to the country in the 90's, programs selling goods and services through television have multiplied, now broadcasting to all Brazilian regions. From little infomercials to big network channels, let us see how this segment is operating in Brazil and what makes it so effective on stimulating local consumption.


Common Benefits in Brazil

Differently from what happens in many countries, in Brazil sometimes a good salary is not enough to keep a good employee. Learn what exactly Brazilians consider to be a good job and how your company can avoid staff turnovers.


Brazilians and websites: a peculiar relationship

Design, good interface and easy access are three important points when constructing your website for Brazilians. Find in this article what are the major points to attract Brazilians consumers to your online business.


Social Networks and Customer Services in Brazil

Brazilians have found out an effective way to be respected as consumers and to express their opinion about a product or a service. Understand how social networks have changed the behavior and the mentality of Brazilian consumers.