Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Brazilian Christmas Traditions

Brazil has some unique customs when it comes to Christmas time. In this article we will explain what “caixinha de Natal”, “cesta de Natal” and “amigo secreto” are.


3 Brands that Became Adjectives in Brazil

Publicity contributes to the things Brazilians talk about. In this article we will explain the different usages of three brands’ slogans and expressions - Bombril, Brastemp and NET.


Commercial Relations: Brazil and Israel

Being a great participant of global trading, the Israeli economy based in exportations caught Brazilian eyes. The country has been interested in the potential and prosperous market that Israeli industry has to offer.





Favela Tourism in Brazil

Slum tourism, once a marginalized business few tourists dared to experience, has seen a rapid rise in popularity in Brazil. Find out more about this phenomenon in this article.


Children's Television in Brazil

Brazilian children are big fans of television shows and cartoons, but not all of them have access to cable TV. That's why open television channels provide special children programming. This article gives an overview of children's television culture in Brazil.


Federal Revenue and State Treasury Office

There are two agencies subjected to the authority of the Ministry of Finance in Brazil: the Federal Revenue and the State Treasury Office. Both of them are important in the country and this article demonstrates their respective roles.


Brazilian Regions

Brazil is officially divided into five regions: North, Northeast, Center-West, Southeast and South. This article gives an overview of each of them, presenting their main aspects.


Introduction to Brazil

You never really know someone until you go and live with them. This is true not only for people but for countries; different perspectives are gained from being the outsider looking in on the country and physically being in the country.


Brazilian Music Styles

Brazil is known worldwide by its diversity, reflected in culture, society and religion. The large range of diversity can be also perceived in music.


Alcohol Consumption in Brazil

Brazil is not on the list of countries drinking the most alcohol, but the consumption between inhabitants is considerably high. In this article, you will learn more about drinking alcohol in Brazil