Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

The difference between Argentina and Brazil

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Brazil and Argentina? Well, they are both South American countries, right? But what else? In this article, we prepared an introduction to the history of these countries, their political and economic features, and their differences regarding business.


Portuguese Lessons in Brazil

Learning Portuguese can be a very difficult task, especially depending on your native language. Learn in this article some particularities of the Portuguese language and some tips to improve your learning.


The Brazilian Flags

Apart its official flag, Brazil has got 27 other flags for its federative units. Learn in this article what they are and what they mean.





Is Brazil Dangerous?

Those following the news about Brazil may think that we are living in a civil war. Such vision is reinforced in most Brazilian movies and even novels. But is Brazil a violent country? Compared to what? Is it really dangerous to live here?


Functional Illiteracy: a Problem for Brazilian Businesses

Even though 90% of the Brazilian children are going to school and more than 50% of the Brazilian teenagers finish high school, functional illiteracy still configures a major problem in Brazil.


Learn Portuguese in Brazil

Even though the English language is mandatory in most Brazilian public schools and students who complete high school have studied English for at least seven years, the number of English speakers in Brazil is still very low and still restricted to some areas and even social classes. Such scenario leaves foreigners with no other alternative than learning Portuguese.


Brazilian Society and Culture

At The Brazil Business we have written several articles about particular aspects of the Brazilian culture and society, however, we have never explained what exactly is in the core of the Brazilian behavior. Learn in this article what exactly leads Brazilians to behave the way they do.


The difference between being poor and living poorly

Living as a regular middle class citizen in Brazil is so expensive that sometimes it is better to live among the poorest ones. This may sound nonsense to the ears of foreigners who are not familiar with the Brazilian popular culture, but there are some reasonable explanations for it.


Brazil 2014: Use after the World Cup

Hosting a major event such as the World Cup is often seen as an honor by the citizens of the hosting country. But at the end of the day, is it really a benefit or a burden? Do countries generate great profits from these events, or do they find themselves with much more problems than they already had before?


Unemployment Benefits in Brazil

Brazilian employees are granted with several benefits: health insurance, meal, transportation and others. Apart from the benefits while they are working, Brazilians still receive some benefits for being unemployed – and for some people, they are even better than being employed.