Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Reasons why the Hi-Fi industry in Brazil is Dead

In this article, we are covering the democratic reasons why the Hi-Fi industry in Brazil is close to non-existing and how this also affects other consumer industries.


Manaus Free Trade Zone

This article will give you a short introduction to the Manaus Free Trade Zone.


4 Lessons to Learn from Starbucks in Brazil

Starbucks were entering the Brazilian market many years after other American franchise corporations like McDonald's and Pizza Hut, but what can we learn from them?





Should you Franchise Internet Concepts in Brazil?

This article will discuss the possibilities and challenges you will face when considering to franchise an online project in Brazil


Localizing your Software for Brazil

This article gives you an understanding of all the aspects involved when localizing an application for the Brazilian market. There is more than just translation needed.


3 Tips About Business Stories in Brazil

While European often focus on their capability to do things, Brazilians as well as Americans tend to focus on their competence and experience about things they have already done.


12 Brazilian Webpages for Business

This list is compiled to give you a kick-start into the Brazilian internet market. We chose the following sites because of their general appeal for average internet Brazilian users.


Telephone System in Brazil

It's easy to get confused when trying to call in Brazil or are trying to look-up a Brazilian telephone number. This guide give a short introduction on how the phone system is structured and how you can navigate your way trough the phone system.


Notary public authenticated photocopy

When you are living in Brazil, you will certainly come across situations when you will be asked to submit a notary public authenticated photocopy of one or many documents.


Time to Start DOING Business in Brazil

If you have been looking for information about doing business in Brazil I'm sure you have noticed that there is remarkably much information about why to do business in Brazil but very little about how to do business in Brazil.