Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Gift-giving Culture in Brazil

In the Brazilian culture it is almost mandatory and also a polite gesture to give gifts in certain situations, whether it is a birthday celebration or if you were invited to dinner at someone's house. Here you will discover the unusual situations that require gifts in Brazil and what should be given in each of them.


Retail Pricing in Brazil

Unlike the USA, retail prices in Brazil include all taxes. In this article you will understand why Brazilians complain about the country tax regime, why high taxes are not so positive to Brazil population and what is the new legislation approved by the government.


Communism in Brazil

Brazil is one of the few countries where the communism is in the current political situation and is widely accepted by the population. This article will outline the communist history in Brazil, their position in the country and why it still is an active force in the Brazilian politics.





Religion as a Business in Brazil

With such large amount of money surrounding Brazilian churches, these institutions seem to work as companies, and religion seems to act as a business. Know in this article how it works in Brazil.


The Value of a Second Language in Brazil

Lately, being able to speak English fluently in Brazil is no longer something that will differentiate a person, but an obliged request for a candidate to a job position. Learn about the importance of speaking other languages besides Portuguese in Brazil.


Pay Before You Eat or Eat Before You Pay?

Common practice in Brazil, in some bakeries and restaurants it is possible to pay only after you've finished your meal. Learn more about this Brazilian habit in this article.


Paper and Envelope Sizes in Brazil

Even though Brazil adopts the international standardization of paper sizes, a few countries are still appropriating other standards. This article informs paper, envelope and business cards sizes in Brazil, and also it's common uses.


Safety at the Airports

Travelers at airports are usual and easy targets for thieves in Brazil. Besides all common recommendations it is necessary to be always alert. Here you have the basic guide on how to be safe in a Brazilian airport.


Insurance Culture in Brazil

It appears that Brazilian society has no culture of insurance. The growth potential of the insurance market is large, but that expansion is not self sustainable, it depends on Brazilian society participation.


Women and business in Brazil

It is no secret that Brazilian women (or maybe I should say Latin American women), even though representing the majority of college graduates, still earn less than men and still have a hard time occupying management positions. This behavior towards businesswomen is historical and in this article I will try to explain where it comes from.