Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Commercial Relations: Brazil and China

Brazil and China are two countries possessing similar characteristics in their economic development especially during the last decade where they have seen rapid growth and an expanding industrial base, even though this has been decelerating in Brazil since the middle of 2011.


Meal Ticket Programs In Brazil

The Vale-Alimentação and Vale-Refeição, Portuguese for meal ticket programs are a special type of benefit normally granted to employees that work more than 30 hours a week. In this article, we will take a closer look at these meal ticket programs and learn how they work.


Facts About Bolsa Família

The Bolsa Família Program is a program of direct transfer of income that benefits households in poverty and extreme poverty in Brazil. Bolsa Familia integrates the Brazil Without Poverty Plan which focuses on Brazilian households where each family members income is below BRL 77 per month. In this article, we will take a closer look at Bolsa Família and how it works.





11 Brazilian Luxury Brands

It is not only recently that luxury brands are aiming for the Brazilian market. Many international companies have arrived in the country, but the national brands gained ground too. This article will present some of the Brazilian luxury companies.


Introduction to OAB

Being a lawyer is a very popular profession among Brazilians, but becoming one is not really simple. Among the many requirements needed to carry out the profession, being subscribed to OAB is the most important for those who want to legally act before a Law Court and provide legal consultation. In this article, we will take a look at what is OAB.


Relation Between Politics And Religion In Brazil

Inherited from Portuguese colonization, Catholicism was the official state religion until the Republican Constitution of 1891 established the secular State. But religion in Brazil is very diverse and characterized by syncretism. As a matter of fact, religion is so entangled in Brazilian daily life that it could not be kept apart from politics, as it would have been expected in a secular country. In this article, we will look at the relation between Politics and Religion in Brazil.


Data And Statistics In Brazil

Despite IBGE - Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics - being the major actor in Data and Statistics gathering in Brazil, still, there are many private companies that provide information for niches. In this article, we will take a look at the sector of Data and Statistics in Brazil.


Concurso Público In Brazil

The standard process to fill a position offered by the government or other entities is known as concurso público, which can be highly competitive and, in some cases, even demand years of study. This article will explain what concurso público is and why so many in Brazil are interested in it.


15 Most Popular Sports In Brazil

It is not very hard to state that football — or soccer, as the Americans call it — is the most popular sport in Brazil. However, other modalities are gaining ground and supporters. Find out in this article what the main sports are among Brazilians.


100 Most Influential Blogs in Brazil - 2014 Edition

The Internet is one of the major sources of information for Brazilians, and blogs play a major role. We will find out in this article which are the most influential blogs in Brazil in 2014.