Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Brazilian's Media Habits

This article will give you an overview of the main types of media in Brazil and what are the tendencies experienced by the country.


Social Classes in Brazil

The Brazilian society often relies on social classes when segmenting the demography of their population. This article will give you an introduction to how the concept of social classes works in Brazil.


Minimum Salary as a Currency

When dealing with services providers in Brazil you might get a price quote in a currency called "Salário Mínimo". This article will explain the motivation and why this has become a common practice.





Boleto Bancário for Beginners

This article will give you an overview on Boleto Bancário, the most popular solutions for invoice payments in Brazil.


Baixada Digital

This article will teach you about one the most famous free wifi projects in Brazil, how it was created and how it is about to technology failed in delivering the expected results.


City Tour in São Paulo for Business Travelers

The biggest South American city, São Paulo is also Brazil's main financial center. This article will tell you what to see if you are visiting the city for business.


Dress for Success in Brazil

During the last three decades, Brazil has increased its concern with appearance. This article will give you some simple guidelines about how to dress for business occasions in Brazil.


Why do Brazilians keep Cancelling Meetings?

If you ever had a meeting cancelled in Brazil this article will explain you why and how to avoid this in the future.


How to do Business in Brazil between Christmas and Carnival

It's common to hear that business in Brazil closes down between Christmas and Carnival. This article will give you some ideas about how to keep your business rolling during this period of the year.


A Snapshot of Brazilian Airport Infrastructure

This article will give you an overview of the major Brazilian airports and the current capacity and work that is under way in order to upgrade their potential.