Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Name Prefixes, Titles, and Honorifics in Brazil

Referring appropriately to authorities or entities might be just a detail, but, sometimes, this simple act may help cause a positive impact. This article will give an overview of prefixes and honorifics in Brazil.


Road Signs in Brazil

Traffic signs are quite peculiar in Brazil. Sometimes, they are so peculiar the signs may not be understandable for newly arrived foreigners. This article will help introduce them, showing the most uncommon road signs.


10 Largest Bus Companies in Brazil

With the lack of solid interstate rail lines, Brazilians still depend on bus transportation to travel throughout the country. Some companies have become so well established that they have become leaders in this market, as this article will show.





Stolen Cargo in Brazil

Cases of stolen cargo in Brazil are relatively high, mainly due to the dependence on road transportation and the lack of stricter punishment for violators. This article will cover this crime and its characteristics in the country.


Opening Hours in Brazil

There is no formally defined business hours in Brazil, thus working hours vary a lot between establishments. If you are not sure of the hours in which to reach a Brazilian company, this article might be useful.


Vending Machines in Brazil

Vending machines were brought to Brazil in the early 1990s and today this market has the potential to increase - with different products to sell. Learn more about them in this article.


Emigration From Brazil

Growing economy, growing job opportunities, growing investments. Brazil is far from an economical crisis, but many Brazilians choose to live in other countries. This article will cover this emigration movement.


How to Find Freelance Journalists in Brazil

Hiring a freelancer might be a good idea for quick jobs. But how do you find freelance journalists in Brazil? This article will try to clarify this and will give you a few hints about it.


Universities in Brazil

Despite initiatives to unify the entrance to higher education courses, many Brazilian institutions have their own selection process. This article will give an overview of the universities in the country.


Commercial Relations: Brazil and United States

Bonded since Brazilian independence, the United States and Brazil have been developing diplomatic and commercial relations during the years. Even with the Brazilian approach to South-South Ties and its claims for the third world insertion in the international scenario, his North American friend is still a very important player in the Brazilian economy.