Igor Utsumi

Igor Utsumi

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


Road Signs in Brazil

Igor Utsumi

Igor Utsumi

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


Traffic signs are quite peculiar in Brazil. Sometimes, they are so peculiar the signs may not be understandable for newly arrived foreigners. This article will help introduce them, showing the most uncommon road signs.

Traffic signs in Brazil have different categories, according to the described situation, obligatorness and type. Each category has one predominant color. The more frequent signs are classified as:

  • Regulatory, which are predominantly red and show a rule or restriction that must be followed.
  • Warning, which are predominantly yellow and show a situation of danger or a case that needs attention from the driver.

Some traffic signs may also be orange, which refer to works being made on the road.

Regulatory Signs

Even though the meaning of these signs are practically identical in most countries, the way they represent them varies. Any foreigner must know that:

This means “No Parking

This means “No Standing

This means “Wrong Way

This means “Do Not Pass

Warning Signs

This is the category with more variations. Some of the main signs are listed below:

This means there is a “Bump Ahead

This means “Dead End

This indicates that there will be a “Bus Lane” within a few meters:

Weird Signs

Some road signs are rarely seen and may be strange even to Brazilians, while others are widely known but are not represented in the same way anywhere else. The signs below are just a few examples that cannot be seen in many places other than Brazil.

This means “Side Wind

This means “Tire Chains Required

This means “Use of Wheelbarrow Forbidden

Touristic Signs

Signs showing that the driver is getting close to a tourist spot can be equally weird. These can be really specific, sometimes referring only to a certain region in the country. The most unusual are:

Zoo” sign

Archeological Site” sign

Cultural Heritage” sign

Agricultural Exposition” sign

Rodeo” sign

Grotto” sign