Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

The 20 Greatest Brazilian Brands

Check in this article some information about the most powerful and valuable Brazilian brands. Enjoying global reputation, those brands are in full process of national and international expansion, captivating their consumers and clients and increasing their market share.


The Real Guide to Brazilian Holidays in 2013

Brazil is famous for its several and long holidays. National, state and municipal holidays that become long weekends whenever this option is available can be a little bit tricky for foreigners coming to do business in Brazil. Learn in this article what are the Brazilian holidays and what days of the year should be avoided by business people.


Getting a P.O. Box in Brazil

Foreigners coming to Brazil with no fixed residence may ask themselves how to get a P.O. box. Learn in this article what are the advantages of this services, how much it costs and how to get it.





Office's Architecture in Brazil

Renting or buying a real estate in some Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo can be more expensive than renting it in New York city. Add to this the problem of oversaturation of major Brazilian cities and you will have a serious demand for space optimization. This is when the work of an architect becomes indispensable.


Invited to a Wedding in Brazil

Find in this article everything you should know when invited to a marriage in Brazil without being out of context. This article will be your guide to do well in any Brazilian wedding ceremony.


Business meals in Brazil, what to do?

Business meals are part of the routine of many people in Brazil. Find in this article what are the rules to have a good business meeting without worries about what is wrong and what is right in terms of eating. This article will teach you how to do well in a business meal in Brazil.


E-governance in Brazil

The Brazilian government can praise itself for the good use of IT technology to improve its administration and enhance interaction with citizens. In this article, you will get more information about the electronic government and its services in the country


Business Directories you must know in Brazil

Business directories are very popular on the internet for facilitating people and companies’ relations. Find in this article what are the six business directories that we have considered to produce a high quality content in Brazil.


The 7 Most Common Problems for Businesses in Brazil

Brazil has attracted foreign investment over the last 10 years, but some barriers are still hard to overcome and directly affect the “doing business” part. These are the most common problems that businesses face in Brazil. Make sure you come prepared!


Weather in Brazil

Find in this article everything you need to know about weather in Brazilian cities. Differently from what many people would think, the weather in Brazil is not always hot and sunny.