Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Business Directories you must know in Brazil

Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Business directories are very popular on the internet for facilitating people and companies’ relations. Find in this article what are the six business directories that we have considered to produce a high quality content in Brazil.

We have decided to organize this article and also chose these business directories according to some crucial points as organization, access facility and content finder tools. It is important to remember you that our ranking is not official; it is only based in our criteria, taking into consideration what would be useful for foreigners.


A business directory is a website that contains information about companies, people and services. In a business directory you will find information as phone numbers, address, email and content about companies and people you are looking for.

It is very common to see in directories that it is not the website that provides this kind of information, but the advertisers do. The directory is a web space where companies register themselves and provide useful information for their business.

There are some websites that charge for this service of providing companies’ information; there are websites that do not. They have available for its users all the rules for providing you company’s data on their own page.

The only bad thing about Brazilian business directories is that they do not provide content in English.

The six Business Directories you should know


This directory is, without a doubt, the most visited one in the country. They not only provide information of companies but also create websites for companies, analyze products quality, make polls, inform about weather, web calls, and also promote companies’ offers.


The directory is only focused on business issues, promoting companies interaction. Being a part of the Red Elsevier group, the hot frog directory operates in many countries around the world. Although being a directory of a foreign company, its content is only available in Portuguese.


iLocas is the directory of Estadão, a very famous newspaper in Brazil. The website provides information about companies, restaurants and also services. It is very used by people travelling inside Brazil to search for hotels and services.


GUIS, short for Guia de Serviços, or “services guide” in English, is another directory mainly focused on business interaction but also very popular on services announces. The website provides information about companies in the whole country.

Informa Certo

This directory is very different from the others in terms of layout. The propose is to provide information but not too much. As you can see at the picture below, the website is totally clean in order to facilitate users’ interaction.


The directory is a website that is mainly focused on small and medium enterprises. The website also provides a ranking with the cities that they contain more information available, what helps users avoiding waste of time during their search.


As mentioned previously, these websites do not provide content in English, so if you are planning to use one of their services you will need to use a translate tool.