Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

The Diversity of Brazilian Consumers – From Illiteracy to Private Jets

Brazil has become a profitable market for all sorts of investments. The diversity of its socioeconomic profile generates opportunities for a wide range of business initiatives.


Consórcio in Brazil

Learn more about consórcio, a very popular purchasing modality in Brazil, commonly used to the purchase of cars and real estates.


The Brazilian Tablet Fever

Tablets are being adopted in Brazil in many different sectors. This article will give you an idea about this new fever and will also help you understand how the tablet market works in the country.





Campus Party: a fruitful laboratory for businesses

Companies put their strategies and new products to test, by supporting the biggest event of digital technology in Brazil. In this article, we will explain how brands can get benefits by investing in the "geek" universe.


The Brazilian Social Network War

With the 5th world's biggest social media community, Brazil confirms its strength on the market. Aware of this potential, the country's two most popular social networks dispute a battle that seems to have no room for two winners


Miami is not Latin America

This should not be a secret but still we often see both North American and European companies confusing Miami with Latin America.This article will tell you a bit about the history of Miami as the gate to Latin America and why this is a bad idea.


Brazilian Business in 2012 – Money, Productivity and Bureaucracy

Based on the events taking place in 2011, we wrote an article covering what we believe to be the direction the Brazilian economy is taking.


Introduction to Anvisa

This article will introduce you to Anvisa, the Brazilian institution in charge of coordinating and inspecting the health and sanitary conditions of products and services commercialized in Brazil.


7 Challenges SMES face in Brazil

Over the last months we have written several articles regarding bureaucracy in Brazil. The purpose of this article is to articulate all these barriers in order to explain how they directly affect investments in the country.


Motoboys and Courier Services in Brazil

Brazilians have a particular way to deal with last-minute deliveries: they hire motoboys. This article will provide an overview of this service, pointing its benefits and disadvantages.