Guide to Business Culture in Brazil

Brazilian Ministries and their Budget

Bureaucracy is a Brazilian ghost in many aspects of the country's routine, in its organization, for example. Brazil has 24 ministries working together for the development of the country in many different sectors, but, the high number doesn’t necessarily mean efficiency and, that’s why, many Brazilians question the need for so many governmental organizations. Find out which ministries they are and their respective responsibilities.


Code of Conduct for the 2014 World Cup

2014 is here, and more than that, the World Cup is finally coming to Brazil and the country is doing everything that's possible to make this huge international event safe and secure. This need for safety and security explains the code of conduct that was created by FIFA and Brazil that must guide the behavior of all football fans during the Cup.


Lawyers and Law Schools in Brazil

Brazil has many lawyers, but this is only possible thanks to the enormous number of law schools that have been established in the country. Find out more about Brazilian law schools in the article.





36 Largest Soccer Teams in Brazil

It is impossible to think of Brazil and not relate it to one of the country's largest passions: soccer. Holder of five FIFA World Cup trophies and the land of countless great players, Brazil has held its fame throughout the years, and in 2014 will be the host of a World Cup for the second time. Learn in this article about the 36 largest soccer teams of the Brazil.


Commercial Relations: Brazil and European Union

In 2012, The European Union was the largest exporter and investor on a global scale, and it was the main commercial partner of more than 100 countries throughout the world. Brazil was one of those countries. Here you’ll get an overview of Brazilian relations with this powerful economic bloc.


History of Brazil Republic

Brazil has a recent republic: not even 150 years have passed since this form of government was established in the country. It started when Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca led a military coup which took power away from the monarchy and established the military republic.


History of the Empire of Brazil

In this article we will continue presenting some parts of the Brazilian history, this time as an Empire.


History of Colonial Brazil

Brazilian history can be divided in three parts: when it was a colony, then, as an empire, and years after, as a republic. In this article, we try to show some historical moments of the largest Portuguese colony between the 16th and the 19th centuries.


4 Largest Gym Chains in Brazil

As years go by, the gym sector gains more and more importance in the Brazilian market. Everyday, big companies try to increase their share of the market. This article presents the biggest gym chains in Brazil.


Terrorism in Brazil

The development of science and technology has spread terrorism activities on a large scale through sophisticated global networks. The globalization of terrorism has allowed countries – that have never been targets of terrorist acts – to participate in this global terror network. Brazil is one of these countries.