Igor Utsumi

Igor Utsumi

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


11 Brazilian Luxury Brands

Igor Utsumi

Igor Utsumi

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


It is not only recently that luxury brands are aiming for the Brazilian market. Many international companies have arrived in the country, but the national brands gained ground too. This article will present some of the Brazilian luxury companies.

The luxury market in Brazil had evolved a lot in the past decade. The increasing purchasing power of consumers led to the double-digit growth of this sector, resulting, firstly, in a consolidation of this market in São Paulo and in the expansion into other states like Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, which is currently happening.

Consulting companies that cover this sector estimate that the revenue in 2013 was around BRL 23.5 billion, and the expectation is that, in 2014 the growth rate will be around 10% to 15% compared to the previous year.

Brazilian brands had a solid participation in this growth, including the ones shown below.

1. H. Stern

This Brazilian jewelry brand was founded in 1945 by the Stern family, who still owns the company today. It is not only famous in Brazil, but also abroad. H. Stern has around 280 stores and can be found in 32 countries.

It is known for lending its jewels to celebrities who use them for occasions, like award ceremonies and social events, a strategy that helps promote the brand to foreigners. The company's headquarters is in Rio de Janeiro and has more than 3,000 employees, including 300 artisans.

2. Osklen

One of the most influential Brazilian brands in international fashion events, Osklen was created in 1989 by the Brazilian fashion designers Oskar Metsavaht and Millene Zigoni.

The brand has 63 stores in Brazil and around 10 abroad, in cities like Rome, Milan, Tokyo, and New York City. It has received international awards, like “Rising Luxury Brand of the Year” in 2011. It is also well-known for its environmentally friendly image.

3. Daslu

Some say that Daslu is the biggest luxury brand in Brazil. The company has stores in different shopping malls, and also sells its products in 65 other national shops and has over 70 operations abroad.

Daslu started as a small business in a residential house, in 1958, and has expanded ever since. In 2005, the company opened a mega store on a high-end neighborhood in São Paulo. The store had an area of 17,000 square meters and also sold goods from other brands, from clothing to helicopters. But a tax evasion scandal led to a decay of the brand, which was only surpassed in 2012 when it resumed its operations. Still, the name Daslu is immediately associated with luxury and wealth in Brazil.

4. Fasano

Fasano is a big player in both the restaurant and hotel markets. Its first restaurant was opened in 1937, and its first hotel in 2003. JHSF, a Brazilian Real Estate company, is the majority partner of the Fasano hotels and has also bought 13 restaurant brands that belonged to the Fasano group in June, 2014.

Fasano has restaurants in some of the main Brazilian cities, as well as in Punta del Este, Uruguay. There are currently four hotels in operation, and three more are expected to be opened. Both hotels and restaurants are considered extremely exquisite, being frequented by important persons, celebrities, and authorities in the past years. The Fasano group revenue in the first quarter of 2014 was of BRL 16.7 million.

5. Le Lis Blanc Deux

Le Lis Blanc is the main brand of the open company Restoque SA, which also owns other luxury brands such as Bo.Bô and John John. There are currently more than 100 stores of Le Lis Blanc Deux in Brazil. Since this brand often works with several new collections throughout the year, it is considered one of the main premium fast fashion players in Brazil.

The brand has struggled a bit in the few past years, and had a decrease of 8.6% in the first quarter sales of 2014. Nevertheless, Le Lis Blanc still maintains itself as one of the top luxury Brazilian brands due to its reach and expansion throughout the country.

6. Chocolat Du Jour

This Brazilian brand with a French name is pointed out as one of the rising luxury brands in Brazil. The company was created in 1987 and started selling chocolate, a product that is not commonly associated with the country, but has become quite a trend among the richest consumers.

Chocolat Du Jour has only three stores, all of them in the city of São Paulo, and has also an e-commerce operation that delivers its products to most Brazilian cities. Their chocolate was elected the best in São Paulo for nine years in a row by Veja magazine, and has brought in a total revenue of over BRL 10 million per year.

7. Vivara

One of the largest Brazilian players in the jewelry market, Vivara started its business in a tiny store in São Paulo in 1962. Today, besides having an e-commerce operation, the brand has more than 150 stores throughout the country.

The jewels that were handmade back in 1962 are currently produced in a 2000 square meter factory that is also located in São Paulo. Around 80 people work in the production of the pieces there.

8. Iguatemi

Iguatemi is a major shopping centre company that belongs to Grupo Jereissati. The company has existed since 1979, and is currently one of Brazil's leaders of this sector, employing more than 3,500 people directly. It has specialized in enterprises directed to wealthier people in Brazil, owning the largest share of important exquisite shopping centres, like JK Iguatemi in São Paulo and Iguatemi Brasília in the nation’s capital city.

It had a gross revenue of nearly BRL 520 million in 2013, and finished that year with a total of 16 operating shopping malls. The expectation is that this brand will keep on growing, with three new malls being built.

9. Artefacto

This company was once a single store that sold wicker furniture, back in 1967. Nowadays, Artefacto is a reference in the decoration sector, focusing specifically in the luxury market.

There are over 25 Artefacto stores in Brazil and three other locations can be found in the United States. As a differential, Artefacto support architecture and decoration expositions, also maintains a website that brings content related to this business.

10. Tania Bulhões

Despite answering legal processes related to fraud and tax evasion in the past, Tania Bulhões is still considered one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the Brazilian decoration and lifestyle sectors, selling only premium goods for prices that only a few can afford.

The company currently has four stores in high-end areas in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Some of the brand’s products can also be found in multi-branded stores, especially when it comes to items like perfumes.

11. Albert Einstein

Specializing in the health services area, Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Albert Einstein started its activities with the opening of its first hospital in 1971. Today, there are more than 10 branches between care centers, medical diagnostics units, and education centres, all of them located in the state of São Paulo.

The company employs nearly 11,000 people, and has more than 6,300 registered doctors. Despite focusing mainly on people from richer neighborhoods, Albert Einstein also has a unit in the favela of Paraisópolis, where an ambulatory works and courses are given for the poorer population.