Trying to get a grasp on what kind of taxation and duites will be incurred

Does anyone know of a database or search engine that is accurate in estimating these costs in question? I have seen the tax rate databse herein, however a broker has told me the cost would be much higher than the corresponding tax rates I have seen here. Here are some of the HS codes I would be importing; 6202.11.0000, 6205.20.3000,6201.93.0000, 6211.33.0000, 6207.22.0000, 6207.21.0000, 6204.62.4013, 6205.30.2085, 6110.20.1010, 6103.42.0000, 6204.63.3200, 6203.43.5010, 6202.13.2010, 6204.63.3550, 6202.93.0000, 6201.92.0000, 6110.11.0010, 6110.20.1023, 6201.13.5000, 6201.13.2010, 6201.93.0000, 6211.43.0000, 4105.30.0000, 6211.42.0000, 6202.12.3000, 6211.32.0000, 6110.20.1027. I know this is a diverse load, it is a sample load as I am trying to gauge what will be in demand in Brasil. More to the point, is there any reason why USD 3K of this merchandise should accumulate USD 8.5K in duties, taxes and shipping(air freight)? If not does anyone know of a good customs broker? Last question, what would be a 'ballpark' figure to expect on 3K USD of this type of product?

Thanks in advance, Alex

posted 1 decade ago by
Alex Neve


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