Where can I find the ICMS rates for São Paulo?

I'm looking for ICMS rates for São Paulo state.

I need a web site where find the right ICMS for each product. no problem if the answer will be in Portuguese!

Thank you!

posted 9 years ago by
Veronica Santamaria Palombo

Veronica Santam

1 Answer

There is not really ONE place to find all the ICMS rates forSão Paulo state.

The article named "ICMS Rates for São Paulo State" are trying to give an overview of the ICMS rates for São Paulo state but in order to get correct rate for an exact product or service you will have to contact a taxation expert or an accountant that can research more specifically.

posted 7 years ago by
Egil Fujikawa Nes

Fujikawa Nes

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