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Marcelo Possato

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12 Best Neighbourhoods To Live In São Paulo

Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


Properties in São Paulo have the second highest price per square meter in Brazil, only behind Rio de Janeiro. In this article we will take a look at the 12 most expensive neighbourhoods in this capital and their respective characteristics.


According to FipeZap, São Paulo is in second in terms of the price per square meter with an average of BRL 8.446, only behind Rio de Janeiro.

The reason for such high real estate prices involves two main aspects: location and infrastructure, not to mention that Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are the economic centers of the country.

The most expensive districts in both cities is called Vila Nova Conceição and has an impressive price per square meter of BRL 14.000.

Ranking of the Best Neighbourhoods in São Paulo

The following ranking is based on FipeZap’s study on the average price per square meter in São Paulo districts. The data is from October 2014 and takes into account the advertised prices in Zap imóveis, the largest classified real estate portal in Brazil. The study was done in association with FIPE, a research institution that provides a lot of credibility and statistics.

1.Vila Nova Conceição

This upmarket neighbourhood borders Moema, Ibirapuera, Jardim Lusitânia, Jardim Paulista and Itaim. Vila Nova Conceição is a great location and close to important avenues like Ibirapuera, Santo Amaro, Faria Lima, República do Líbano and Helio Pellegrino. The neighbourhood also has great infrastructure , with public and tree lined squares and luxurious restaurants and stores. The area has a predominance of buildings and the neighbourhood is very close to Ibirapuera Park.

  • Price per m²: BRL 14.288
  • Comparison to 2013: +8%

2.Jardim Europa

Jardim Europa is famous for its enormous and impressive houses. The neighbourhood is located between four main avenues, allowing easy access to other parts of the city. The area is full of cultural and entertainment options. In addition to this, it is a green and peaceful area.

  • Price per m²: BRL 14.079
  • Comparison to 2013: +18%

3.Jardim Paulistano

Jardim Paulistano is surrounded by many avenues that allow easy access to many areas of the city. The strength of Jardim Paulistano is its location and easy access for shopping, supermarkets and restaurants.

  • Price per m²: BRL 12.661
  • Comparison to 2013: +19%


Ibirapuera is intersected by the long Indianópolis Avenue, that connects Ibirapuera to Moema and Saúde. São Paulo’s main park, Ibirapuera, is located in this neighbourhood, as well as one of the largest shopping malls in the city. The residential area is not extensive, but well located and extremely green.

  • Price per m²: BRL 12.026
  • Comparison to 2013: +15%


Itaim is famous for its restaurants, clubs, and high density of buildings. Good location is the keyword to define this neighbourhood, which is very popular with the younger generation who come here for the nightlife. Itaim is very close to Jardins, Vila Nova Conceição, Pinheiros, and many other districts.

  • Price per m²: BRL 11.864
  • Comparison to 2013: +10%

6.Vila Olimpia

Vila Olimpia is one of the financial districts in the city, and is also famous for its nightlife. Many multinationals choose to settle in this neighbourhood. Recently, two shopping malls were built in the region, making it a very attractive and busy area of the city.

  • Price per m²: BRL 11.852
  • Comparison to 2013: +8%


The area of Jardins is actually comprised of four neighborhoods: Jardim Paulista, Jardim América, Jardim Europa and Jardim Paulistano. It is considered one of the best regions in the city, with many top rated restaurants and bars. It provides a great quality of life and is located in the central area of the city, surrounded by major avenues.

  • Price per m²: BRL 11.177
  • Comparison to 2013: +12%

8.Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is the most popular location when looking for bars and restaurants, and also a great place to live. Vila Madalena is a young and vibrant area known for it’s arts and culture with many art exhibitions and workshops. It tends to get very busy during the weekends.

  • Price per m²: BRL 11.004
  • Comparison to 2013: +16%

9.Berrini/Vila Cordeiro

This area was predominantly residential before the 2000s, when it began to get it’s first commercial buildings. Now it is an important area for technology companies, that choose this postal code as their headquarters.

  • Price per m²: BRL 10.711
  • Comparison to 2013: +11%


Brooklin predominantly has new buildings and is a good area for people who enjoy the nightlife. It is an area that is receiving constant investment in, with many new real estate projects, which explains the recent valuev. The location of this neighbourhood is great and is close to avenues such as Roberto Marinho and Santo Amaro.

  • Price per m²: BRL 10.640
  • Comparison to 2013: +11%


Pinheiros is an upmarket neighbourhood located close to the Pinheiros river. Many companies are headquartered here, which makes this neighbourhood an important area from an economic point of view. Recently, a metro station was built in the region, improving transport options to local residents.

  • Price per m²: BRL 10.534
  • Comparison to 2013: +17%


Not only is Moema in a great location, but it also has outstanding structure. The services on offer in this neighbourhood are like no other, full of bars, restaurants, supermarkets, banks and bakeries. Another aspect to be taken into account is that Moema is close to Ibirapuera park and provides easy access to other regions in the city.

  • Price per m²: BRL 10.487
  • Comparison to 2013: +10%