Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

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16 Premium Water Brands In Brazil

Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


A market that is constantly growing in Brazil is premium bottled water. Brazilian companies are investing a lot to make sure they keep up this trend, developing product lines or by importing premium bottled water. Here we will take a look at the 16 strongest players in this market.

Premium Bottled Water Brands in Brazil

Brazilian companies have diversified their mix of products including premium lines for a more segmented type of consumer who value design and sophistication. Imported brands are also widely present in this market too. All of them make both still and sparkling water.

São Lourenço (Brazil)

São Lourenço is the premium bottled water from the brand Nestlé, with an average price of BRL 1,50 per 300ml bottle. São Lourenço is available in glass or plastic bottles.

Acqua Panna (Italy)

Acqua Panna is a premium bottled water imported by Nestlé. It comes from the Italian city of Florence and is one of the sommelier’s favorite waters. It has an average price of BRL 5,10 per 250ml bottle and is also available in 500ml and 750ml bottles. Acqua Panna is only sold in glass bottles.

San Pellegrino (Italy)

Considered the best sparkling water in the world, San Pellegrino is the most famous imported bottled water in Brazil, sold at an average price of BRL 5,50 per 250ml bottle. In Brazil, it is imported by Nestlé and can be found only in premium grocery stores and upmarket restaurants. It is available in 500ml and 750ml bottles.

Perrier (France)

Perrier is imported by Nestlé. The main difference when compared to other imported premium bottled water is the design of the bottle in which the brand invests heavily. The average price of the 330ml classic bottle is BRL 5,50, but it is also available in 500ml and 750ml bottles.

Bonafont VIP (Brazil)

Bonafont VIP was developed especially by Danone to supply bars, cafes, restaurants and bakeries in Brazil. The Bonafont VIP bottle is very similar to the classical non-premium Bonafont. The average price of the 330ml premium bottle is BRL 1,50.

Evian (France)

Evian has recently come to Brazil, but it was already a known brand in the Brazilian market. Being sourced from the Alps, the brand is imported by Danone. The average price of a 330ml bottle is BRL 6,00. Evian is also available in 750ml bottles.

Badoit (France)

Badoit is closely related to gastronomy, since it was developed by a chef. Its characteristics make this water one of the best to compliment flavoured food. Danone imports the brand to Brazil and is sold at an average price of BRL 6,00 for a 330ml bottle.

Petrópolis Paulista (Brazil)

Petrópolis developed Petrópolis Paulista with special glass packaging and a differentiated design. However, the source is the same as the brand’s non-premium version, which is known for being one of the purest in the country. The average price for the 500ml bottle is BRL 2,00.

Crystal VIP (Brazil)

Crystal VIP is bottled by the Coca-Cola Company and is the number one competitor of Danone´s Bonafont. It is very common to see Crystal VIP in restaurants and clubs. Crystal VIPs average price for the 350ml bottle is BRL 1,70. The bottle has a differentiated design and a discreet black label.

Ouro Fino Gourmet (Brazil)

Ouro Fino Gourmet has a unique spherical bottle and innovative colours: blue, pink and red. With an average price of BRL 2,00 for the 300ml bottle it makes it one of the smallest bottles available in the market.

Minalba Premium (Brazil)

Minalba Premium is one of the most sophisticated bottled waters available in the Brazilian premium bottled water market. At an average price of BRL 3,50 for the 300ml bottle, it is considered as the best Brazilian sparkling water. It has a differentiated glass bottle - orange for sparkling or blue for still.

Acquissima (Brazil)

Acquissima was developed to become a part the growing premium market. Investing in the design and pink and blue colours of their bottles to get attention from Brazilian consumers, its average price for the 510ml bottle is BRL 1,40. It is also available in customizable editions most commonly used for events and parties and in 310ml and 1,5L bottle sizes.

Finésse (Brazil)

Finésse is a product line developed by Serra Graciosa to reach the premium bottled water market in Brazil. It has a black label that is discreet and sophisticated and is only sold in 330ml for an average price of BRL 1,50.

Bioléve Prime (Brazil)

Bioléve Prime is a recently developed product line from Bioléve targeted at the premium bottled water market. Its coloured bottle is different - red/vivid blue, and is available in 3 different sizes: 310ml, 510ml and 1,5L. The smallest bottle is priced at BRL 1,50.

Pedra Azul Premium (Brazil)

Pedra Azul’s premium line received the award for The Best Packaging Design of Premium Bottled Waters in 2014. Its average price for the only available size (310ml) is BRL 1,50.

FYS (Brazil)

FYS was the first line of premium bottled water developed by Brazilians, in 2010. Its idea was to produce something similar to the those seen in Europe. Available in only one size - 310ml, with an average price of BRL 6,00, the Schincariol’s premium bottle is the official water of the ABS, Associação Brasileira de Sommeliers, Portuguese for Brazilian Association of Sommeliers.

It is interesting to mention that Brazilian companies that have developed premium lines of bottled water, do not use different sources for obtaining the water. The source of premium bottled water usually present qualities that normal sources do not have. This is the reason why many Brazilian companies premium lines are not that expensive when compared to regular ones. The design of the bottles and location where they are served are sometimes the only thing that varies.