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Marina Pomela

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23 + Coworking Spaces in São Paulo

Marina Pomela

Marina Pomela

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, like an office, with independent workers. Unlike a typical office, these coworkers are usually not employed by the same organization. In this article you are going to see a few coworking spaces in São Paulo.

Coworking spaces are attractive to professionals who normally work in isolation, like freelancers who work at home, for example. Coworking also helps these professionals escape from the distractions of home. For the ones starting a new business, this isolation is even more harmful, because exchanging ideas, experiences and networking that are important steps to success are lacking.

If you are starting your business and do not want to invest in a physical space only for your company, you will find that coworking spaces have plans specifically for startups and their needs. If you are working alone or with a small group, meet some of the coworking places in São Paulo:

North of São Paulo

The north of the city offers only one coworking space.

My Hub

My Hub is the first shared office and coworking space in the North São Paulo. It has 3 meeting rooms for up to 10 people and 30 desks available for renting. They offer air conditioning, pantry, library and snack bar. Shared desk prices range from BRL 7 per hour to BRL 700 per month. The meeting room costs BRL 45 per hour.

South of São Paulo

The south of São Paulo has the highest concentration of coworking spaces.


Located in two neighbourhoods in São Paulo, the areas offer different plans. From the rental of only meeting rooms to spaces dedicated for startups, which are common areas shared by many startups with room for events, play room and even showers. Pets are also allowed. At the Brooklin office, a monthly plan costs from BRL 499 and daily plans from BRL 50, for a hot desk. At the Pinheiros office the monthly plan for a hot desk is BRL 900 and daily plan is BRL 60. Offices for up to five people start from BRL 3 400.


Salamandra is a coworking space for people that want a place with new ways of doing business which are more sustainable and less corporate. Their space contains wooden furniture, gardens, yoga and meditation classes, besides a cafe and lounge area. Their prices for individual spaces go from BRL 400 to BRL 1 040 per month with yoga classes included.

Espaço de Coworking

Inside a house with a big green area, the Espaço de Coworking provides easy access to the subway, bus stop and bicycle station. The space consists of hot desks, exclusive rooms, meeting room and a living area for networking or events. The prices range from BRL 420 to BRL 1 000 per month for one person.

Espaço Eureka

Espaço Eureka is a coworking space that values the quality of life and the neighbourhood environment. That is why they are located in Chacará Klabin, away from the city center. Big projects have come to life in this coworking space like the Bike Tour through São Paulo. The price depends on the number of hours and start at BRL 120 to BRL 980 per month.

Espaço Join

Located on the famous street, Oscar Freire, this coworking space is the simplest of them all. With only one option of BRL 800 per month for an individual space, the place is silent and cozy.

Coworking Offices

Coworking Offices is a more upmarket space for coworking. Besides standard hot desks, they offer offices for 4 to 6 people. They are located in Vila Olimpia and prices start at BRL 1 000 per month.


Place2Work is located in Vila Olimpia and offers everything that an actual office would have. A few hours in the meeting room are included in the cost of BRL 940 per month.

Mako Coworking

Mako Coworking is located next to Parque Ibirapuera and offers a relaxing space for you to work. They are open from 8:30AM to 8:00PM, Monday to Friday. For BRL 899 per month you also have the right to use the meeting room for two hours per month.

GP Coworking

Besides all the usual office facilities, GP also offers a library and bike parking space. Their plans are divided by the number of office hours hired. For 25 hours per month the cost is BRL 299, 100 hours is BRL 599 and unlimited hours BRL 980 per month.

Casa de Viver

Casa de Viver was created thinking about those who need to have their children with them whilst they work. With the aim of building and strengthening relationships, their plans start at BRL 100 for 10 hours a month to BRL 950 for 160 hours per month.

Center of São Paulo

The center of São Paulo has the most crowded streets and neighbourhoods. A lot of coworking options are also based there.

Pto de Contato

A lounge area, kitchen, wifi, coffee, cookies and lockers. These are some of the services available when renting this space. These offices include a large open space and an external terrace where co-workers can meet and exchange ideas. Prices vary according to the number of workers and working hours. They have four rooms and fifty desks available for rental. Rent for a hot desk starts at BRL 15 per hour to BRL 1 200 per month. A meeting room for 10 people is from BRL 50 per hour to BRL 540 for the day.


Cowave is located between two important avenues in São Paulo, Paulista and Consolação. Indoor and outdoor coworking options are available between 6 rooms and 48 desks. A hot desk is BRL 10 per hour, BRL 80 per day and BRL 960 per month. The meeting room for 20 people cost BRL 60 per hour and BRL 450 for the day.


Link2U is located on one of the most famous avenues in São Paulo, Avenida Paulista. They offer an economic and sustainable option that encourages interaction between people. You can be part of it through hourly, fixed or unlimited plans, the rental of meeting rooms or even a virtual office service, which is different from the other coworking spaces.


Also located on Avenida Paulista, this coworking space offers only one plan for a fixed desk at the cost of BRL 800. GoWork has networking events and offers a receptionist, security service, kitchen and a lounge area for BRL 800 a month.

2Work São Paulo Coworking

2Work Coworking is located on Avenida Paulista and offers a great view of the city. Their plans are for unlimited access at BRL 815 per month. This plan also offers the use of the meeting room for 6 hours per month.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub has to spaces: one is located next to Avenida Paulista and the other is in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena. They are open from 9AM to 7PM, Monday to Friday. The coworking plans vary according to the number of hours required by the client. The membership has annual duration and it costs BRL 562.00 per year or BRL 52 monthly. College students have a discount of 50%. Impact Hub offers meeting rooms, internet connection, library, collective tables and a space to make meals.

West of São Paulo

The west of São Paulo is a valued area of the city with middle to high class neighbourhoods.

Pocket Coworking

With one meeting room and 24 desks, Pocket coworking is available 24/7. It is located in the neighbourhood of Perdizes on Monte Alegre street. Hot desks costs BRL 150 per month and the meeting room is BRL 20 per hour.

Sampa Vila Madalena

Located in one of the most popular neighbourhoods of São Paulo, Vila Madalena, the coworking place has 2 meeting rooms and 4 desks with different individual spaces available. Hot desks range from BRL 50 per day and BRL 565 per month.

Blocktime Coworking

Blocktime is a coworking space with decoration inspired by the Marvel comic heroes, providing a relaxed environment. Hot desk prices are BRL 60 per day and BRL 900 per month. A meeting room for 10 people is BRL 30 per hour, BRL 120 for half a day and BRL 240 for the whole day.

Sharing E.C.

This coworking space has 7 rooms and each of them holds up to 8 coworkers. A hot desk for one person is BRL 699 and for two people BRL 1 099 per month. This gives them 3 and 4 hours use, respectively of the meeting room per month.

Estação Coworking

A place dedicated to building together a space capable of stimulating new projects and revealing different ways of working and living in São Paulo. A one-person plan offers unlimited office hours, locker space and 4 hours use of the meeting room for BRL 935 per month.


BUCC stands for Business Unlocking & Collaboration Center. With a homestyle environment, this house is 600 m². A fixed place costs BRL 800 per month but a hot desk is BRL 680. Also if you are looking for a place to work just for the day, the rent is BRL 40.

Mútua Coworking

Situated next to Eldorado Mall, the aim of this space is to bring comfort and convenience for its workers. There you can find designers, programmers, architects, lawyers, stylists, personal coaches, event producers, bloggers and journalists among others. For a monthly contract, a single workplace is BRL 600 but for longer contracts, like 3 or 6 months, prices go down.