Ana Gabriela Verotti Farah

Ana Gabriela Verotti Farah

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


60 Most Influential Tech Blogs in Brazil

Ana Gabriela Verotti Farah

Ana Gabriela Verotti Farah

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


We've already showed you the list of 100 most influential blogs in Brazil. In this article, we will specify the content a little bit and present you with a list of the best technology blogs.

If you are in Brazil and search on Google for “blogs de tecnologia” (“tech blogs”), you're going to have a good number of results. At least 10 million different links will appear and take you to the most varied webpages about tecnology and internet.

Here we will make a shorter list, in alphabetical order, of 60 tech blogs that are well-known and most visited by Brazilian Internet users. Some of them are the finalists of a competition called TopBlog 2012 in the cathegory Entertainment/IT. The winner will be awarded in January, 26th, 2013.

  1. Aprenda e Faça – this one explains things and terms that we see every day but may not know exactly what they mean. Can be free translated as “Learn and Do it”.

  2. – a one-man blog with all the news (plus comments) about technology 36 hours a day (according to him).

  3. Best Linux – a webpage about Free Software. Oppenly supportive to the digital inclusion in Brazil.

  4. Beta – the blog about technoloy, IT and development created by the team of the Rio de Janeiro's newspaper O Globo.

  5. Blog CCNA – this one has already been awarded in the second place of IBEST 2008. And is one of the competitors of TopBlog 2012.

  6. Blog e-Code – created by a teacher 10 years ago, contains communication and technology articles.

  7. Blog Tecno – the tech blog of the Espírito Santo's newspaper, A Gazeta.

  8. Blog do Maurício Araya – created by a Journalist, it's foccused on science, technology and innovation.

  9. Blog do Rodrigo Toledo – Rodrigo Toledo gratuated from Law School and since 2007 writes about technology and mobile. He also gives lectures about these topics in schools and companies.

  10. Blog do Tec – “Nothing that is digital is strange to us”: this is the free translation of the webpage motto. Self-explanatory.

  11. Blogando Microsoft – everything on Windows and Microsoft.

  12. Blogs Pop Tecnologia – one of the 10 varied blogs that belong to the company POP, created in 2002.

  13. Brainstorm9 – this one can't exactly be considered only a tech blog because it offers a lot more than technology, especially in publicity, entertainment and creativity in general.

  14. Caldeirão de Ideias – destinated to the pedagogical practices and educative IT. Another finalist of TopBlog 2012.

  15. CEVIU – winner of two editions of Top Blog, offers information about IT jobs and career.

  16. Computer World – blog about technology, IT market, telecommunication and biotechnology.

  17. Conexão ZH – one of the tech blogs of the Rio Grande do Sul's newspaper Zero Hora.

  18. Conteúdo Nerd – all you want to know about the best – and the strangest – products in the market, and more. TopBlog 2012's finalist.

  19. Coopera TI – all about IT – including courses.

  20. Design Nerd – finalist of TopBlog 2012, mixes technology, design and creativiy.

  21. Digital Drops – especialized in gadgets, it presents news about technology and the latest releases of eletronic products (some of them very different and curious, like the iPhone Case with Pepper Spray or the Coffee Machine of the Star Wars).

  22. escreveassim – technology, telecommunications, design, games and tips.

  23. Eu Podo – the name is a joke concerning Apple's iPod. “Eu” is the translation to “I” and “Pod” resembles the verb “poder” (“can”).

  24. Ferramentas Blogs – another finalist of the TopBlog 2012 competition, whose author Marcos Lemos has recently published his first E-book.

  25. Gadgets INFO Blogs – everything you want to know about the new technological products available in the marekt.

  26. Gigablog – it's UOL's the tech blog, a Brazilian online service provider. Its content covers from tips to use apps and programs like Photoshop to new gadgets and curiosities related to the web world.

  27. Gizmodo Brasil – the biggest webpage about technology in the world, with operations in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and Australia.

  28. Google Discovery – a webpage which is not afilliated to Google but brings all the news about the company's universe.

  29. Guiky – a blog with news and articles about digital culture. Top 3 in the 2011 version of the TopBlog competition.

  30. Infosfera – news about technology, games and geek culture.

  31. Interney – Edney Souza started his blog in 2001, a time when everybody thought that blogs were supposed to be some kind of teenage stuff. Since that period he writes about new technologies. Nowadays it is on the top 5 list of most accessed blogs in Portuguese.

  32. I/O Tecnologia – news and courses about the IT sector.

  33. iPad Dicas - all kinds of tips on iPads (iPhones and iPods too). Winner of the people's choice for personal blog in the TopBlog 2011.

  34. MacMagazine – everything about the Apple world: iPads, iPhones, iPods, APPs – and more.

  35. – Marco Gomes is the founder of the boo-box, a company of technology of publicity and social media.

  36. Meio Bit – one of the most important blogs about technology, operating since 2004.

  37. Mundo Tecno – created in 2006 by an systems analyst, nowadays it has a team of 9 collaborators.

  38. O blog do Google Brasil – Google Brazil's blog. Also self-explanatory.

  39. O Gestor – tips on IT management and entrepreneurism.

  40. OfficeWeb – “Your office in the web”: social media and news.

  41. Olhar Digital – a webpage about tech that also has a TV program on RedeTv! and bulletins on the radio Band News FM.

  42. Oficina da Net – developing and making Internet more professional since 2005.

  43. Paulo Sant'anna – IT Specialist – an IT blog by an expert in the subject.

  44. Profissionais TI – news, jobs, careers and courses about IT.

  45. Showmetech – current news and evaluations on tablets, smartphones, computers, televisions, home theaters and other gadgets. One of the finalists of TopBlogs2012.

  46. Techlider – it is a blog that tries to broach the tech subject directly to the point. As simple as it can be.

  47. Tecnoblog – diário tecnológico – this blog has a partnership with the Portal R7, the webpage of the Record Group. This doesn't mean that the blog was bought, tough; in fact, it still independent from the R7.

  48. Tek Zoom – all about games, apps, mobile and softwares. Finalist of the TopBlog2012.

  49. Tiago Dória Weblog – another tech blog on the list of the 100 most visited blogs in Portuguese.

  50. Tips Social Network – one more TopBlog 2012 finalist, created by two guys that are at High School.

  51. Ubuntu Dicas – offers tips for users of Linux and Ubuntu. It ranked the third place in the people's choice for personal blog.

  52. underGoogle – non-official webpage with everything you want to know about Google.

  53. Unders Tech – created by a girl, it has collaborations of two guys. It's another finalist in the TopBlog 2012 competition.

  54. Universo Touch Blog – everything on the touch technology, including touchscreen, multitouch and gadgets.

  55. Usabilidoido – a blog about usability, or the ease of use of a tool or gadget.

  56. Vanessa Nunes – the other tech blog of the newspaper Zero Hora.

  57. Veja Isso – with the motto “Simplifying technology”, this is a blog about links, programs, cellphones, apps and news about security and hackers. It counts with a lot of tutorials.

  58. Web Acapella Full – a blog with everything that you want to know about Web Acapella, the software to create and manage a website.

  59. Zoom Digital – more tutorials (with video classes!), reviwes of smartphones and news about the technologies.

  60. ZTOP – tech blogs with reviews of smartphones, gadgets, tips and tutorials.