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Brazil Imports in Numbers

Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Find in this article everything about Brazilian imports in the last year. We have organized numbers and tables to help you understand what happened in Brazil in 2011

Only in 2011, Brazil has imported approximately US$ 226,251 billion, against US$ 256,041 of exported products, buying mostly from countries as the US, Holland, German, China and Argentina and selling to countries as the US, China, Holland and Japan.

According to Receita Federal, in 2010 Brazil has imported 181.713 billion dollars and in 2011, this value has raised 44.538 billion dollars.

Despite importing less than exporting, Brazil still has high importation numbers, and it happens for several reasons. This situation had been very different and worst a few years ago, when the country used to import much more than it exported.

Numbers indicate that the Brazilian internal market is growing and developing itself, but there is still much work to be done. Foreign investors take advantage of this lack of industry in the internal market as they are the ones supplying these needs.

Imports per country

We have separated the four countries from which Brazil mostly import goods to give you an idea of their importance to the national market.

Country Percentage
United States of America 17.21% *
German 7.08%
Holland 6.86%
Argentina 6.39%

Brazil imported US$ 38.921.104 only from the USA, and US$ 16.025.613 from German during the last year, what shows that Brazil is still very dependent on the USA as a supplier.

The Brazilian government advertises a lot the production of ethanol inside the country, but a curious thing is that the USA exported, only in the last year, 1.1 billion liters of corn ethanol to Brazil.

This can be explained by the critical made by international organizations about the Brazilian ethanol quality. 98% of the ethanol import comes from the USA.

Imports per products

Brazil has a big list of imported products; we have made a list of the most imported ones to facilitate your understanding about the Brazilian internal market and the lack of industrialized products in the country.

Industrialized goods

Product Value Raised value according to 2010
Petroleum oil US$ 16.904.680 US$ 5.778.348
Petroleum US$ 14.080.619 US$ 3.987.812
Automobiles US$ 11.891.443 US$ 3.348.022
Automobile parts US$ 6.317.081 US$ 1.084.499
Gas US$ 4.592.419 US$ 554.777

Even though it export many agricultural products, Brazil still imports products as garlic, corn and wheat. We have made you a table to help your understanding these imports in numbers.

Agricultural goods

Product Value Raised value according to 2010
Garlic US$ 249.366 US$ - 2.326
Beans US$ 148.348 US$ + 20.621
Wheat US$ 1.832.271 US$ + 311.101
Barley US$ 100.422 US$ + 4.072
Corn US$ 141.269 US$ + 65.291

Imports according to categories

It is not a surprise that industrialized products are the ones most imported by Brazil. The national industry is still very week when compared to the American one, for example.

Product Value
Food and Beverages US$ 9.371.214
Industrial inputs US$ 68.030.612
Fuel and Lubricants US$ 40.976.080
Consumer Goods US$ 15.908.780

We have made an overview of the Brazilian imports in numbers, trying to cover all economy sectors, but if you still have any doubts about these numbers, please, let us know leaving a comment in our comment box below.