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Cynthia Fujikawa Nes

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How to Obtain an Anatel Product Homologation

Cynthia Fujikawa Nes

Cynthia Fujikawa Nes

The Brazil Business


In this article we will explain what is the Anatel homologation of a product and what are the main steps to get it.

Telecommunication products are required to have a certification and homologation by the Brazilian Telecommunication Agency (Anatel) in order to be legally commercialized and used in the country.

The definition of “telecommunication product” can be very broad, so Anatel defines it as equipment, apparatus, device or element that comprises means necessary or sufficient to achieve telecommunication. Telecommunication is the wired, wireless, optical or any other electromagnetic process that transmits, emits or receive symbols, signals and any other information.

How to obtain the Anatel homologation

The first step to obtain the homologation of a product is to select an OCD (Organismo de Certificação Designado). OCD is a third party institution appointed by Anatel that evaluates products and issues a certification based on tests conducted by a laboratory accredited by Inmetro. The OCD will recommend the applicant a laboratory based on the technical specifications of the product.

The results of the laboratory tests are analyzed by the OCD and if the product complies with the regulations imposed by Anatel, the OCD will issue a certification for the product. The compliance certification issued by the OCD is not the Anatel homologation, but only a document showing that the product complies with the regulation.

The OCD submits the certification while the applicant submits other documents necessary for the homologation application to Anatel. Anatel will process the request and issue the homologation of the product.

Who can apply for the product homologation?

The applicant for a product homologation must be one of the following:

For foreign companies the application must be submitted either by the supplier or by the representative in Brazil. The representative must be a legally registered and can be the held responsible for the legal aspects resulting from the sales of the product in Brazil.

How long does the process take?

The time to obtain the certification depends on what product must get the homologation, and is highly influenced by the time it takes to complete the lab tests. There are products that for instance do not need more than a couple of days to be tested while others - such as batteries - may take up to 7 months.

As a rule of the thumb, we can say that the process at the OCD takes 2 weeks and Anatel uses around one month to issue the certification.

Product Categories

The products can be divided into 3 categories by Anatel, and each of the categories have different requirements that should be fulfilled in order to obtain the homologation.

Category I

The telecommunication products that fall into category I are the terminals which are intended to be used by the end user, such as modems and mobile phones. To obtain this certification, the product must go through laboratory tests (by a lab accredited by Inmetro) and if the manufacturer does not have the ISO900 certification, Anatel has procedures to evaluate the manufacturing process which includes visits to the manufacturing plant. In addition to that, the product must be go through annual reevaluations to maintain the certification.

Category II

Products of category II are those which are not included in Category I, but yet makes use of the radio-electrical spectrum for signal transmission, including for instance antennas and restrict radiation equipments. Whitin this category you will typically find radio-broadcasting equipments, toys, and RF automation devices. Similarly to category I, products in category II are required laboratory testing and bi-annual reevaluations to keep a valid homologation at Anatel.

Category III

Products that neither belong to category I or II are classified in category III, which will ensure that the product complies with Brazilian laws in terms of interoperability, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. System batteries, cables and connectors are example of category III products. These products do not require reevaluations for now, but still must be approved in the laboratory tests.

Anatel stamp

All products that are homologated by Anatel receive a stamp containing a bar code with the product homologation number. This stamp will guarantee the buyer of the product that it complies with the telecommunication regulations.

In Brazil, Receita Federal (Federal Revenue Bureau) is resposible for the fiscalization of incoming goods to the harbours and will retain telecommunication goods without the Anatel stamp.

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