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Andréa Novais

The Brazil Business


Introduction to IBGE

Andréa Novais

Andréa Novais

The Brazil Business


IBGE is one of the most prestigious Brazilian institutes, responsible for providing data regarding geosciences and social, demographic and economic statistics. It is the major national institute in terms of providing information about Brazil.


Every 10 years, a Brazilian household will receive the visit of an IBGE representative who will be working with the demographic census. The purpose of this census is primarily to count the number of inhabitants in the country, but this data is also the source where we get key information from.

The Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística or simply IBGE) is responsible for providing information about the Brazilian population, economy and geosciences, such as:

Any foreigner coming to Brazil will end up using data from IBGE, as this is the institute where all socioeconomic information about Brazil comes from. In a general overview, IBGE’s work can be segmented in the following sections: indicators, population, economy and geosciences.


Labor and Income

Responsible for the monthly employment survey


Responsible for researches related to stocks, crop and livestock production.


Responsible for special indexes of physical production, such as:

  • Capital goods
  • Categories of use by activity
  • Classification compatible with PIMES
  • Dissemination
  • Household appliances
  • Packaging
  • Expenditure on electricity
  • Exporting capacity

This section also deals with the monthly survey of industrial employment and wages – PIMES.


Related to the monthly survey of trade – PMC

Indexes, Prices and Costs

Responsible for:

  • Harmonization of consumer price indexes of Mercosur countries and Chile
  • IPA (wholesale prices of Getulio Vargas Foundation)
  • IPP (producer prices – manufacturing industry)
  • International comparison program
  • SINAPI (civil construction)
  • SNIPC (consumer prices)


Social Indicators

  • Political mediation
  • Children and teenagers
  • Education and labor
  • Infant mortality
  • Minimum social indicators
  • Labor market
  • Social mobility
  • Youth population
  • Summary of social indicators
  • Cultural indicators
  • Sociodemographic and health indicators in Brazil

Population Censuses

  • Population count
  • Civil registry statistics


  • National household sample survey
  • Supplements
  • Special surveys


  • National survey of school health
  • Analysis of the nutritional state of the 9th grades


  • Consumer expenditures survey
  • Survey of basic-municipal information – Munic
  • Complete life tables
  • Population prospect
  • Population estimates
  • Sanitation atlas
  • Urban informal economy
  • Medical-sanitary assistance
  • Basic sanitation
  • Labor unions: social indicators
  • Survey of sports (2003)


Probably the most important section for foreigners willing to invest in Brazil, the “Economy” section of IBGE deals with the following subjects:


  • Construction industry - PAIC
  • Annual survey of industry (PIA – enterprise; PIA – product)


  • Accommodation
  • Annual survey of services - PAS
  • Annual survey of services – products and services
  • Survey of promotion and publicity services
  • Survey of information technology services 2009
  • Survey of accommodation services
  • Public finances of Brazil


  • Census of agriculture
  • Coffee (Paraná state)
  • Flower and ornamental plants
  • Agricultural indicators
  • Harvests
  • Municipal agricultural production (cereals, vegetables and oilseeds)
  • Forestry activities – PEVS
  • Municipal livestock – PPM
  • Agrochemicals (Paraná state)

Economic registers and classifications

  • National classification of economic activities 2.0
  • National classification of economic activities – subclasses for use by the general government 2.0
  • List of agriculture and fishing products – PRODLIST: Agriculture/Fishing

Innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Technological innovation - PINTEC
  • Survey of innovation in federal state-run companies
  • Statistics of entrepreneurship

System of national accounts

  • Financial account and financial assets account
  • National accounts
  • Regional accounts
  • Input-product matrix
  • Health satellite-account
  • Tourism economics
  • GDP of municipalities

Also, the Economic section of IBGE is also in charge of:

  • Non-profit private social assistance
  • Public finances of Brazil
  • Private foundations and non-profit associations in Brazil
  • Small and micro enterprises
  • Demography of enterprises
  • Economic registers and classifications
  • Statistics of the central register of enterprises


Official territory area cartography

  • Topographic mapping
  • Mapping of territorial units
  • Geographic mapping
  • Publications


  • Precise point positioning (PPP)
  • Brazilian geodetic system (SGB)
  • Brazilian network for continuous GPS monitoring (RBMC)
  • Permanent geodetic tide gauge network (RMPG)
  • Geocentric reference system for the Americas (SIRGAS)
  • Project for changing the geodetic reference system (PMRG)
  • Documentation (specifications and norms; geodetic mark homologation)


  • Division into regions
  • Special areas (boundary area and coastal zone)
  • Atlas
  • Areas of influence of cities

Natural resources

  • Publications
  • Fauna and flora
  • Land use
  • Systematization
  • Water resources