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Karolina Puin

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Products Imported into Brazil

Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Brazil is still dependent on the import of some crucial products for its development. Find in this article an overview of the goods imported by the country on the latest years and what is the current situation of imports in the country.

Brazil depends on some imported goods to support its industry demand, but according to some specialists, that scenario started to change in 2011. After two years of records on importation, the country, on the last year, began to stabilize and even reduce imports.

Understanding the context

According to researches, the better purchasing power of class C, overestimated companies and industries that had to import products manufactured and semi-manufactured to maintain their participation on the Brazilian market.

As some scholars say, this middle class growth in Brazil is a characteristic of States that are still semi-industrialized, and as the word just announce, there is a lack of production in the country that must be compensated by goods import. It happens because the Government did not invest enough to create a huge industrial park in the country.

Comparing importation statistics from 2009 and 2010 there is a huge difference between the numbers in those years, once only in September, 2010 imports growth 46%, and if you compare any other month, the difference will be really big.

In 2011, on the same period, September, importations had a growth of 13% comparing to the 2010, and in a certain way, contributed to regulate products offer and increase Brazilian companies efficiency, once the country is, nowadays, visible on the international scenario.

What are the most important products imported to Brazil?

According to the government, in 2011, the major 20 goods imported to Brazil represented more than 46% of all that was imported to the country. We have listed the five important ones to talk further.

  • Petroleum Oil

The oil importation to Brazil represented 7% of the general picture in the country. Even Brazilians saying that the country is self-sufficient on oil production, Brazil do not have quality petroleum to produce some specific products that use petroleum oil as base.

  • Motor vehicles

Motor vehicles importation represented almost 5% of importations to Brazil, it happened due to the incentives offered by the government, as tax reductions, what have made the vehicle market warmed.

  • Vehicle accessories and parts

This importation represented 2% of the general picture of the country. It is comprehensive that a country that is importing more motor vehicles needs parts and vehicles accessories to follow the demand.

  • Medicines

Medicines represented 1.54% of Brazilian importations, it happens also due to the government, that reduced to zero aliquots to import medicines to the country.

  • Fertilizers

This importation is responsible for 1.1% of importations of the country. According to specialists the fertilizers imports are growing again, as a recuperation of the 2008 crisis, once Brazil needs that to produce and export agricultural issues.

The last year was the beginning of a stability on Brazilian importation market after the 2008 crisis. Nowadays, the country is investing on it's own industry, but they are far from reaching their objectives. The population is reaching new standards of purchasing power turning the government challenge even bigger.