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Salaries in Brazil

Andréa Novais

Andréa Novais

The Brazil Business


This article will give you an overview of how much good professionals get paid in Brazil, considering main occupations and all the costs involved in the hiring process.


Business owners who want to establish in Brazil may ask themselves how much it would cost to hire workforce. In order to clarify this matter, we selected some of the main occupations in Brazil and the general salaries charged by these professionals.

As a degree does not necessarily makes a good professional, it is important to say that the salaries presented in this article are the ones paid to experienced professionals and who speak at least one foreign language.

According to Datafolha, a renowned Brazilian research institute, these are the salaries paid to the best professionals in the Brazilian market.


  • Accountant – BRL 13.651
  • Administrator – BRL 11.138,00
  • Board Secretary - BRL 6.350,00 and even more for those who speak more than one foreign language.
  • Financial Analyst – BRL 7.938,00
  • Human Resources – BRL 10.329,00
  • Salesman – BRL 5.821,00. It is important to remember that in some cases, this amount does no include sales commission.
  • Buyers – BRL 9.655,00.
  • Marketing Professionals – BRL 9.314
  • Lawyers – BRL 13.566,00


  • Marketing Assistant – BRL 6.119,00
  • Receptionist – BRL 2.083,00
  • Administrative Assistant – BRL 2.051,00
  • Export Assistant – BRL 5.933
  • Import Assistant - BRL 7.031,00


  • Civil Engineer: BRL 13.576,00
  • Electronic Engineer: BRL 11.364,00
  • Maintenance Engineer: BRL 8.155,00
  • Mechanical Engineer: BRL 8.155,00
  • Production Engineer: BRL 7.691,00
  • IT Analysts – BRL 10.922,00
  • Web designers – BRL 4.707,00
  • Industrial Designer – BRL 5.544,00

Wage Increase

In 2010, the most expensive professionals were those from the Commercial and Building sectors, that experienced a growth of 8,58 % and 8,25%, respectively. The other sectors experienced a wage increase of 6,77%.

The high demand of qualified professionals in Brazil increases the cost of workforce. The most injured sectors are the ones involving technology, which is the main responsible for the presence of foreign workforce in the country. Last year, the number of foreign workforce in Brazil increased 18,85% only in the first semester.

But wage increasing is not limited to high qualified professionals, it has significantly affected the sectors of logistics and services, increasing the salary of nannies, bricklayers and housekeepers, for example.

Companies have adopted several measures to solve this problem. One of them is to invest in the employee training plan, offering scholarships or periodical trainings.

Beyond the Salary

As mentioned in the article 7 Things to Consider Before Hiring in Brazil, it is also important to highlight that companies in Brazil usually offer several benefits to its employees. The most common are healthcare, life insurance and scholarships.

Besides the benefits, there are also some regulations that the employer must meet, such as providing a meal and transportation to the employees, as well as the 13th salary, paid vacations and leave.

All of these rights, added to all the taxes involved in the hiring process, significantly increase the cost of hiring a Brazilian professional.

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