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Karolina Puin

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The Complete Guide for Simplified Import to Brazil

Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Find in this article the complete guide for simplified import to Brazil.

The process of importation can be made in many different ways in Brazil. We decided to make a guide explaining everything you need to know about how to import to Brazil in a very simple way: making use of the mail.

We used as basis the Brazilian postal website and also information provided by Receita Federal (IRS) to make the complete guide for simplified import to Brazil.

First Step for Importing

The first step for importing to Brazil via postal process is to understand that the rules for this kind of importing is the same for airline or courier companies, including purchases made over the Internet.

Documents Needed to Come with the Imported Product

When importing to anywhere, your goods to be imported must carry some documents to prove that the importation is legal, and also inform what is being imported:

Commercial Invoice

It is the document that will serve as basis for taxes calculation in Brazil. It is important to know that this document must be with the product, on the original version, signed by the company or person that is sending it to you, and also a copy of the commercial invoice that will stay with the IRS.

Bill of Landing

This document is needed to prove that the product was shipped by the company or person that is sending it to you. The name of the document is Bill of Landing when the products are being imported by ship, and when the product come by plan, the document changes it's name for Air-waybill.

Taxes to be Paid

It is important to know that the goods you are going to import cannot have a cost higher than USD 3.000. If you are importing something that costs less than USD 50, you are free from paying taxes. There are also some products that are tax free, and you find their list here.

The tax amount to be paid of the products imported, with value higher than USD 50, is 60% on the value of goods contained in the commercial invoice, plus shipping costs and insurance relating to transport, if not included in the price of the goods.

Taxes can be paid in different ways. When importing via postal, if the product value is up to USD 500, you can pay the tax at the post office and remove your merchandise. When the product has value higher than USD 500, the person has to present a document called Declaração Simplificada de Importação (Simplified Import Declaration),DSI.

Important things to aware

Your product to be imported cannot achieve more than 30kg or 66 lbs and cannot occupy a space larger than 150 centimeters. When there are exceptions for these rules, cases are analyzed individually according to the country the product is coming from.

Be careful with the quantity of imports you are going to do per month, if you are a private person. If the government get suspicious of your imports, you can be overtaxed or eventually punished if they think you are importing with commercial purposes.

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