Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

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Top 10 Electrical Appliances Stores in Brazil

Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


Despite the recent decline in the revenue of the electronics and home appliances sector, it still makes a significant contribution to the Brazilian economy. In this article we will take a look at the top 10 home appliance stores in the country.

Home Appliance Market in Brazil

The sales of electronics and applianceswent up 16,6% in 2011, 12,2% in 2012 and 9% in 2013. The increase in 2013 can partly be down to a reduction of taxes on white goods.

However in 2014 the home appliances market shrunk significantly, due to a reduction in consumer purchase power.

Most Popular Electrical Appliances Stores in Brazil

Casas Bahia

  • Founded in 1952 by Samuel Klein
  • Owned by Via Varejo
  • Casas Bahia had 1.000 stores in 2014
  • Total Revenue in 2013 was BRL 15 billion

Casas Bahias’ successful history in the business of electronics and appliances has to do with a combination of two factors : affordable products and fixed instalments payments. In addition to this, the brand invest a lot of money in advertising, which is paid off by the positive feedback and reaction of customers.

Ponto Frio

  • Founded in 1946 by Alfredo João Monteverde
  • Owned by Via Varejo
  • More than 370 stores in 7 Brazilian states, but with a focus on São Paulo
  • Total Revenue in 2013 was BRL 7,2 billion

All positioning and brand proposition were resettled in 2012, when Ponto Frio started to focus on the relation between technology and consumers lives. The brand is known for its wide range of technological products and for having good payment options.

Fast Shop

  • Founder: not disclosed
  • Fast Shop was founded in 1986
  • 85 stores in 8 different states, with a focus on São Paulo
  • Total revenue in 2013 was BRL 4 billion

Fast Shop’s focus is to improve the customer experience in stores, therefore they have a modern design, a welcoming environment and a distinguished layout. All Fast Shop stores are located in shopping malls. The brand’s focus is upper class consumers.

Lojas Americanas

  • Founded in 1929 by Max Landesmann, John Lee, Glen Matson, James Marshall and Batson Borger
  • 948 stores across all Brazilian states
  • 58% of stores are located in Southeastern region
  • Total revenue in 2013 was BRL 15,4 billion

Lojas Americanas has a wide variety of products and differentiates itself with this factor. The success is guaranteed by the flow of customers and fast inventory turnover. Lojas Americanas also has a strong focus on e-commerce sales and is South America’s number one in online sales volumes.

Máquina de Vendas

  • Máquina de Vendas has about 1600 stores spread throughout the country
  • It is the fifth largest retailer in the country and the second largest retailer in the electronics and appliances sector
  • Current President: Luiz Carlos Batista
  • Total Revenue in 2014 was BRL 7,5 billion

The company was created in 2010 as result of merging two expressive names: Ricardo Eletro and Insinuante, both powerful retailers and focused on the middle class market. Nowadays, Máquina de Vendas is the company with the widest territorial coverage in the electronics and appliances segment. Máquina de Vendas owns the following brands:

  • City Lar - 356 stores
  • Eletro Shopping - 250 stores
  • Insinuante - 353 stores
  • Ricardo Eletro - 400 stores
  • Salfer - 210 stores

Magazine Luiza

  • Magazine Luiza was founded in 1957 by Pelegrino José Donato and Luiza Trajano Donato
  • Current President: Luiza Trajano Donato
  • Ninth largest retailer in Brazil
  • More than 740 stores spread throughout the country, with a focus on São Paulo
  • Total Revenue in 2013 was BRL 6,5 billion

The success of the Magazine Luiza brand occurred for three reasons: The first is related to low priced offers. The second factor was the expansion carried out in the Northeastern region, where people did not have much access to home appliances, and if they had, they could not afford it. Finally, the possibility for customers to purchase in fixed installments, allowing Magazine Luiza to reach even the lower income population. At Magazine Luiza, more than 80% of the purchases are paid in installments.

Lojas CEM

  • The brand has stores in the state of São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro
  • The brand was founded in 1952 by Remígio Dalla Vecchia
  • 220 stores in 4 states
  • Total Revenue in 2013 was BRL 3,4 billion

The company's strategy was to establish its stores in smaller cities, often away from the large urban areas, where it is possible to dominate the market and have access to middle-class customers. Lojas CEM combines good prices, a wide range of products and payment in fixed installments.

Móveis Gazin

  • The brand was founded in 1966 by Mário Gazin
  • Current President: Osmar Della Valentina
  • Present in 13 different states throughout Brazil
  • Total Revenue in 2012 was BRL 2,5 billion

The Gazin Group is an example of a successful family business, although many people claim that this is something that does not work. Since the beginning, the brand has been investing in a familiar environment and intensive employee training.


  • The company was founded in 1986 in South of Brazil, more precisely in Rio Grande do Sul, by Luciano Hang and Vanderlei de Limas
  • Nowadays, it operates in 12 different states in Brazil: Bahia, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Tocantins
  • Current President: Luciano Hang
  • Approximately 70 stores in Brazil
  • Total Revenue in 2013 was BRL 2,4 billion

Havan offers differentiated imported and national products with the best price to the customer. The brand has expanded a lot in recent years, but the main focus is still in the state of origin, Rio Grande do Sul. Its target is middle class people, between 25 and 40 years.

Lojas Colombo

  • Founded by Adelino Colombo in 1959
  • Current President: Adelino Colombo
  • The company started in Rio Grande do Sul, but expanded to Santa Catarina and Paraná
  • It has 264 stores in these three states
  • Total Revenue in 2013 was BRL 1,54 billion

The brand established itself in the Southern region of Brazil, where it dominates the sector of electronics and home appliances. Since the company was founded, Lojas Colombo offers the best in terms of technology and was one of the first companies to sell TVs in Brazil.