Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

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Top 13 Franchised Restaurants In Brazil

Marcelo Possato

Marcelo Possato

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


Brazil is one of the largest franchising markets in the world catering for various types of cuisine. Here we take a look at the ranking of the 13 largest franchised restaurants in Brazil.


Franchising is a good choice for many Brazilian companies that want to expand, especially in the restaurant business. The franchise sector is constantly growing in Brazil and the franchisers believe that there is still more room for growth. Associação Brasileira do Franchising (ABF), which stands for Brazilian Franchising Association, regulates most of franchising companies even though there is no financial gain for them.

Ranking of the 13 Largest Franchised Restaurants in Brazil

The ranking below is based on the total revenue of the franchises:

1. Habib’s

  • 475 restaurants in Brazil
  • 25000 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 2 billion

Habib’s focus is on low prices and variety of food offering arabian food, burgers and other types of meals. Most restaurants in the chain are located in the city of São Paulo.


  • 348 restaurants in Brazil
  • 3000 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 450 million

Spoleto offers good Italian food at relatively low prices. The franchise group invests a lot in customer service and claim consumer satisfaction is their priority. It is present in all Brazilian states except for Mato Grosso do Sul. The majority of Spoleto’s restaurants are located in food courts within shopping malls.


  • 70 restaurants in Brazil
  • 1800 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 400 million (estimated)

Viena operates 6 different restaurant concepts: Viena, Viena Express, Viena Snacks, Viena Cafe, V.Cafe and Viena Kosher. Viena Kosher is located in the Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo and brings the best of kosher food. The group diversified the types of restaurants and coffee shops to reach all kinds of consumer and eating preferences. Viena’s main type of restaurant is self-service in which the clients serve themselves and pay based on a fixed kilo price.

4.Vivenda do Camarão

  • 185 restaurants in Brazil
  • 2500 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 200 million (estimated)

Vivenda do Camarão is a restaurant franchise that serves seafood, in particular shrimp. Seafood is considered to be expensive in Brazil and Vivenda do Camarão offers good quality shrimp and seafood dishes at affordable prices. They are present in many shopping malls in Brazil and have grown considerably in the last decade.


  • 64 restaurants in Brazil
  • 1400 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 130 million

Gendai dominates Japanese cuisine based in Brazilian shopping malls, especially in São Paulo, which is the most important and largest state for the franchise. Founded in 1982, Gendai aims to offer quick service, quality and good prices in comparison to other Japanese restaurants. Gendai is present in 8 Brazilian states.

6.Fogo de Chão

  • 10 restaurants in Brazil and 25 in other countries
  • 2100 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 123 million

Fogo de Chão is a barbecue restaurant chain that expanded to the U.S and increased their growth. Nowadays the group has 10 restaurants in Brazil, whilst there are 25 in the United States, one in Puerto Rico and one in Mexico. The main focus for Fogo de Chão is service and quality of the food.

7.Baked Potato

  • 50 restaurants in Brazil
  • 700 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 70 million

Founded in 1984, Baked Potato specializes in baked potatoes with various different toppings. They are present in 6 states and are mainly located in food courts within shopping malls.

8.Bon Grillê

  • 20 restaurants in Brazil
  • 450 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 45 million

Bon Grillê offers healthy food at accessible prices. However, the focus is grilled meat and different side dishes. Present in 7 Brazilian states, the restaurants are located in food courts within shopping malls.

9.Temakeria & Cia

  • 20 restaurants in Brazil
  • 350 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 36 million

Temakeria & Cia takes advantage of the temaki trend in Brazil, despite offering other typical Japanese dishes. Focused on São Paulo, the chain has a more sophisticated environment, attracting a younger crowd who are increasingly developing a taste for Japanese food.


  • 13 restaurants in Brazil
  • 400 employees
  • Revenue: BRL 25 million

Founded in 1980, AppleBee's is the strongest franchise company in the United States. The group brought the concept of casual dining with a pleasant and comfortable environment to Brazil. The main dishes are grilled steaks, salads and typical American dishes.


  • 12 restaurants in Brazil
  • 1000 employees
  • Revenue: undisclosed

The Ráscal franchising network focus on mediterranean gastronomy with an Italian influence. Usually there are two salad buffets and a pasta buffet, but they also have a la carte options. The restaurant also offer a wide range of wines and have sommeliers in each restaurant.


  • 16 restaurants in Brazil
  • 700 employees
  • Revenue: Undisclosed

Founded in 1985, América’s focus is on the casual dinner, a new concept at the time of its foundation. It provides a pleasant environment with a varied menu and quick service. All of the América restaurants are located in the city of São Paulo. The menu offers salads, grilled meat, fish, sandwiches, burgers and pasta dishes which are very popular in this restaurant.

13.Yoi! Rolls & Temaki

  • 28 restaurants
  • 200 employees
  • Revenue: Undisclosed

Yoi serves temakis and many other Japanese dishes and has an innovative service, as the chain only works with disposable plates. As it is a new chain, it is located only in São Paulo, but the franchiser plans to expand to other states.