Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Understand the relation between Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília

Karolina Puin

Karolina Puin

The Brazil Business


Understand in this article the importance of each city for the Brazilian development. Also learn what you need to know about the hubs of tourism, petroleum, economical and politics issues.

Brazil is known nowadays for its economic growth, and it is important to outline what are the areas of the country that most contribute for the country's development. We have decided to explain separately general aspects of each area in a first moment to make your understanding easier about   how they are related.  

São Paulo, the money state

São Paulo was not a well-developed city since the Brazilian colonization, otherwise, the city took much time to be populated. The hub started having money when gold was found in Minas Gerais, being a supplier city of goods for those who were in Minas Gerais exploring gold.

Even with the growth of São Paulo due to the gold abundance  in the Southeast region, the commercial boom in São Paulo happened when coffee started to be planted in the city . In a few years, São Paulo became the major exporter of coffee in the world.

Nowadays the city is the one that most contribute for the development of the country in terms of money, concentrating more than 30% of the national GDP.  São Paulo is the economical hub of Brazil, especially when talking about business and technology. However, it is important to say that São Paulo industries are migrating to other areas in the countryside, as Campinas, Sorocaba and São Caetano in order to reduce taxes payment, but these cities are totally linked to São Paulo.

Concentrating the major business fairs of the country, a big number of offices and the major stock exchange of the country, São Paulo is considered a mandatory destination to any enterprising that really wants to know what is the Brazilian business.

According to researches, the metropolis is considered the fourth bigger capital of the world, gathering people from every country , showing the multiplicity of cultures in a city that never sleeps.    

Rio de Janeiro, petroleum and leisure

Differently from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or just Rio, as natives are used to call it, is important to the Brazilian scenario since since the country's foundation. The city was the second country’s capital from 1763 until 1960, when Brasilia was created.

Known as the wonderful city, Rio attracts more than three million tourists per year and also in carnival period, the  number of tourists outweighs the World Cup numbers. What enchants anyone that goes to Rio is the mix of urban life and beaches lifestyle. 

For those who think that Rio is only a cultural and leisure destiny, the surprise happens when petroleum is mentioned. Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city of the country, contributing for the economical development with the second Brazilian GDP.

The petroleum area is the biggest of the country in Rio de Janeiro, and companies as Petrobras are investing on studies to develop the area and qualify labors.

Rio is also responsible for developing two important sectors of Brazil - economy, due to the petroleum -, and  tourism. It is  so important that it is not difficult to find a foreigner that takesRio de Janeiro as the Brazilian capital.


Brasília, the political city

Brasília is a different city from the major ones in Brazil. Planned by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and ordered by President Juscelino Kubitschek in order to be the new Brazilian Capital, the city was founded in 1960.

The city was constructed in only four years by more than sixty thousand workers in order to comply with a determination of the Brazilian constitution. There are also many speculations about why the government has decided to change the political capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília.

There are the ones who claim that Brasília was constructed to let people away from political issues; others say that it is important to separate the political hub from the economic one, in order to protect the country from a possible war attack. Truth or not, these are all theories.

Nowadays, all the Brazilian government is concentrated in Brasília, situated at Distriro Federal, a special state, being reference for anyone who talks about politics in the country.

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