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Renata Garcia

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Updating an Address in Brazil

Renata Garcia

Renata Garcia

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


There is no unified system to register a change of address for Brazilian citizens, but there are some cases when it is necessary to notify companies of a change of address. In this article you will see the main cases.

In Brazil, when a citizen changes their address they are not required to notify the State and there is no punishment applicable for not doing this. However, some institutions and companies require citizens to update their registration when their contact details, such as a change of address change. In most cases this process can only be performed in person but, there are others situations where it can be done via the internet.

Brazilian Taxpayer Registry

The Brazilian Taxpayer Registry is known as CPF. In this case, the taxpayer must request a form from the Receita Federal.

The change request can be made by the taxpayer themselves, their attorney or legal or judicial representative. To file an update request for children under 16 years old, tutored, guardianship and other individuals subject to judicial custody it must be made by the parents, guardians, curators or person responsible for their legal custody.

The request can be made at agencies of Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal or at Correios, which is the mail service in Brazil. The cost is up to BRL 5,70. For taxpayers who are residing outside of Brazil, the request can be made at the Brazilian Consulate offices abroad and the service is free. When residents or citizens living abroad are in Brazil, the request must be made ​​directly at the Federal Revenue Service office.

State Transport Department

Detran is short for Departamento Estadual de Trânsito, Portuguese for State Transport Department. All drivers registered with Detran regardless of state can request to update their address through the following means:

  • Internet, by the program DETRAN Fácil
  • In person
  • Through Power of attorney
  • Mail

National Institute for Social Security

The National Institute for Social Security is known as INSS and it is responsible for collecting contributions to maintain the Brazilian Social Security regime.

The INSS insured person who holds any benefits from INSS has an obligation to keep their address updated. If INSS are not advised of a change of address and they send a notification to the address on the Social Security system and the notification is not delivered because the address was incorrect, the insured person may have the benefit suspended until they have updated their address at the office where the benefit is maintained.

To update an address, you must access the Social Security website and complete the form with the requested data like PIS number, date of birth, post code of the new address, full name of the insured person and the CPF. After this first step, another form will be generated to be completed with the full updated address.

This request can also be made in the INSS office where the benefit is maintained. If you have moved to a different city you will have to go to the local INSS office and request the benefit to be transferred. This update cannot be done over the internet, only directly at the INSS, as you will need to present your personal documents. It is not necessary to present proof of the new address.

Insurance Companies

When there is a change in the customer information, such as a change of address or marital status, the insurance company must be informed.

In case of private insurance plans, it is necessary to go to the insurance company or to the nearest Regional Office taking documents proving the updates required.

Minors with Divorced Parents

In case of minors with divorced parents, the legal guardian should notify the other legal guardian about any changes of address through judicial authorization.

Judicial Process

Citizens who change address during a judicial process should notify the judge overseeing the case by the Judicial Automation System, known the SAJ.

Utility Bills

All companies responsible for collecting utility bills such as water, electricity and gas must be notified of a change of address. The process may differ from company to company. Even though you have moved to a new address the company will keep charging the bills, so you need to certify that the bills are no longer in your name. If there is not a new tenant at your old address you should ask for the services to be cancelled.