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Renata Garcia

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Work License for Artist in Brazil

Renata Garcia

Renata Garcia

Staff Writer
The Brazil Business


In Brazil there are some occupations that require a special register to be able to perform the activities legally. In this article you will learn about the DRT registration, the work license for professionals in the artistic area which ensures that professionals comply with the requirements established by law.

DRT Registration

DRT is the Regional Labor Department of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The DRT registration applies to all professionals engaged in the artistic area, from artists to technicians responsible for artistic productions. Only professionals with this registration can be hired to work in TV, movies, theater or advertising.

To have this professional registration you need to find SATED or Sindicato dos Artistas e Técnicos em Espetáculos de Diversão, which is the labor union for artists and technicians for entertainment shows, in your area. It is present in most Brazilian states and aims to represent the artists and technicians in each region. SATED is responsible for granting the professional register for these professionals and giving them direct assistance with the Regional Labour Department.

Getting the DRT Work License

According to the law, there are two ways to get the DRT registration:

  • By diploma or certificate corresponding to the artist’s or technician’s abilities
  • By professional qualification certificate provided by SATED

For the first option, you need to have completed a minimum of 200 hours of technical training in schools recognized by the MEC, which is the Brazilian Ministry of Education, or the SATED of your state.

The second option is having your work recognized, by proving to SATED that you participated effectively as a technician or an artist on projects in theater, movies, TV, commercials, shows, events, etc. This rule can vary from one SATED to another, in some cases, in addition to proving the work, a practical and theoretical test is required. After approval from SATED, you will receive a certificate that allows you to continue the registration process with the Regional Labor Department.

To get the professional qualification certificate from SATED the applicant must submit a request to the president of SATED, with the following documents attached:

  • Copy of ID card, CPF, voter ID card, proof of residence, work book (CTPS), school certificate
  • Curriculum
  • Handwritten presentation letter
  • Certificates in artistic area
  • Proof of work in which the applicant participated in the function that they are registering. It can include clippings from newspapers, magazines, work contracts, payment receipts and certificates. All proof must contain the applicant's name and date of the event
  • Receipt of fee payment

The fee to start the process of obtaining the work license from SATED can vary according to the state and the profession. For actors in São Paulo, in 2015, the rate is 450 BRL, for example. Professionals trained by schools that are approved by MEC do not need to pay the fee for professional registration.

After submitting all the necessary documents, the applicant must attend a lecture given by SATED, this is mandatory to continue the process.

The opening of proceedings does not guarantee you will obtain the professional qualification certificate. It depends on the analysis of the Professional Qualification Council.

The entire process from the delivery of all documentation and payment of fees takes 72 hours, then, the applicant must then register with the Regional Labor Department. Before going to the Labor Department, the applicant must schedule an appointment on the Ministry of Labor website. On the day of the appointment, the applicant must attend the chosen Regional Labor Department and present all the same documents, including the professional qualification certificate, granted by SATED.

For hiring technical professionals or foreign artists, the contracting company must present the original contract and make a payment of the amount equivalent to 10% of the total remuneration for the SATED. In the case of foreign professionals who want to work in Brazil permanently, they must apply for the DRT registration through the same process. However, it is necessary to validate the studies certificate in MEC, and the foreigner can also use works performed outside of Brazil to prove their abilities.

Labor Union Contribution

After professional registration, it is mandatory to make an annual payment to the Labor Union. Payment of the contribution does not mean that you are a union member. You become part of the Labor Union only if you want to. If you want to ensure that your pension payments are up to date you will need to advise the union annually of all the work that you performed during this period. This information will count towards your retirement pension even if you do not have a regular job. To pay the annual union fees it is necessary to personally go to the Labor Union and ask for the payment billet, then pay it at the bank.