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Introduction to Anvisa

This article will introduce you to Anvisa, the Brazilian institution in charge of coordinating and inspecting the health and sanitary conditions of products and services commercialized in Brazil.

Introduction to SEBRAE

This article will give you an introduction to SEBRAE and explain why it is so important to the development of Brazilian businesses. You will understand how this institution works and how your company can benefit from it.

Introduction to ABNT

Find in this article what is ABNT and why this institution is important for Brazilian companies to be accepted on the international market.

Introduction to the Buy Brazilian Act

This article will give you an introduction to the Buy Brazilian Act, comprising what it does affects, what has changed since its promulgation and how foreign companies can adapt to it.

Introduction to Apex

This article will give you an introduction to Apex-Brasil and its national and international working fronts. Also, we will make an overview of this governmental agency, showing the main services that it offers to foreign entrepreneurs.

How to open a boteco in Brazil

A boteco – which is the Brazilian version of a pub - is one of the most popular establishments nationwide. We will explain what are the procedures necessary to open and run this kind of business in Brazil.

Introduction to IRPJ

This article will give you a brief explanation of the highest tax paid by companies in Brazil. Understand how the lion (Brazilian Revenue symbol) takes its bites and why you should never urge its rage.

The Brazilian Market for Generic Drugs

Representing the current largest Generic drugs market in Latin America, Brazil reveals its potential in the area. Know how this sector of the Pharma Industry operates in the country and what are the most promising areas for investments.

Biotechnology and Cosmetics

Renewable energy, health care products and functional food production are already known as profitable sectors of Life Sciences, but have you ever thought about the Cosmetics Industry?

Consumer Rights in Brazil

Brazil has one of the most complete Consumer Defense system of the world, counting with the support of several institutions and regulations. Know more about how national laws protect the consumers and what to do in case you feel damaged

Import of animals to Brazil for research purposes

Making scientific researches using animals to make lab experiences before applying in humans is common in many countries, and importing these animals to Brazil faces some trouble as bureaucracy.

How to open a hotel in Brazil

Motivated by the great prospects of the Brazilian Hotel Industry, many entrepreneurs are taken by the idea of establishing a lodging business in the country. This guide will provide the steps to open a hotel in the country, and give some general information about the sector.

Customs Clearance in Brazil

In this article we’ll give you relevant information about what is important to observe and to plan for a safe import process into Brazil as well as the legal requirements applied.

Importing Drugs and Medicines to Brazil

This article is an introduction to the import of drugs and medicines in Brazil. You will get to know the legal procedures, the lists of substances allowed by the sanitary agencies and the licenses companies will need in order to import them.

Regulation of the Brazilian Advertisement Industry

This article will provide information about the rules, laws and institutions that regulate the advertisement segment in Brazil.