As a foreigner newly moving to Brazil can i bring my private car for private use and being exempted from taxes?

Am setting up a new businss in brazil and i am moving there in october and wish to bring/import my car (private).

Is there a law that allows foreigner setting up a foreign company which am a share holder... to import a foreign car (say 1 or 2 cars per company... and being exempted from duty or at least not be subject to 90/120 of the value of the car?

posted 6 years ago by
pierre haddad


2 Answers

Hello Pierre Haddad,

Mr. William Turnbull above is correct. But there is one alternative: the temporary import.

You may see more information at this website: (in Portuguese).

posted 5 years ago by
Pedro Andrade


I believe that only 0km (new) cars and cars older than 30years (collectors/classic) can be imported into Brazil. The big tax comes when you want to register the car for use on public roads and this is not defined as a percentage of the value of the car, as such.

There is a table with pre-defined import fees/values for each model of car.

posted 5 years ago by
William Turnbull


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