What do I need to open a brazilian bank account?

Do you guys have any recommendation regarding opening a brazilian bank account?
Can I open it from abroad?

posted 8 years ago by
Luis Hinton


2 Answers

Is it for a legal entity or for a private person?

If you're a private person you will need a CPF and a Brazilian address, which means you probably have to be already living in Brazil or at least have a bond there somehow. If it is a legal entity, you will need a CNPJ.

Be prepared to speak some Portuguese and be ready to wait much longer then you would wait in other countries. I'm not sure you can really open your bank account from abroad when you're a foreigner, as you'll need a CPF.

posted 8 years ago by
Scott Hoyle


Try Citibank, as they are already familiar with foreigners. Is not a Brazilian bank, but it's operating in Brazil and they speak English.

posted 8 years ago by
Melanie Hewitt


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