Can I drive with European registration plates on my car in Brazil?

hello! i need some info. i am from European Union slovenia. i would like to take my car from europe and drive with him brasil for personal use not to sell it there with European plates.

thanks for help

posted 8 years ago by
Patrik Jerenec


2 Answers


Your vehicle can remain in Brazil for three months, along with your Tourist Visa. Once expired this deadline, your vehicle will be irregular and can be apprehended by the police.

Best regards, Andréa Novais

posted 8 years ago by
Andréa Cristina Novais Silva

Andréa Cristina
Novais Silva


It`s totally prohibited to import used cars to Brazil. So you can forget about using your old car in Brazil.

posted 7 years ago by
Andrey Dekhtyarev


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