Brazil lighting companies?

We are a energy saving lighting-induction lighting company. Our induction lighting products will save energy by using half or one third of the wattage of the traditional lighting system. Besides, the indction lighting system last about 20 years which will save maintenance also. This lighting system is speciallly good for the roadway lighting. A lot of city in US already change their roadway lighting into this our inductionlighting system. We will have a booth in this year Light fair in Las Vegas.

We would like to do business with Brazil lighting company. Please give us some name and contact information of some lighting sales representatives, lighting company and lighting contractor in your country.


posted 1 decade ago by
James Lai


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I suggest you to contact NEI as they may be able to help you out.

Best regards,

Andréa Novais

posted 1 decade ago by
Andréa Cristina Novais Silva

Andréa Cristina
Novais Silva

Who is NEI? Do you have their contact information? Phone number and email address. Thank you

James Lai posted 8 years ago

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