Import duties on baby products

I am trying to find out the import duties payable on certain baby products but can't find the commodity codes listed? e.g.61119019 & 61113090

posted 7 years ago by
Lesley Short


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Dear Lesley,

The import duties and taxes payable when importing these goods into Brazil are:

  • Import Duty: 35%
  • IPI: 0%
  • Pis: 1,65%
  • Cofins: 9,10
  • ICMS (IVA/VAT): 18%

The import duty is applicable over import goods only while all other taxes are the same to products made in Brazil too. However, there is a 'equation' for calculation of the above duties/taxes and the result applicable over the CIF value are the following:

  • Import Duty: 35%
  • IPI: 0%
  • Pis: 2,40%
  • Cofins: 13,22%
  • ICMS (IVA/VAT): 33,06%

Then the total amount of the duties/taxes paid 'at sight' for clearance of the goods for these produtcs is: 83,68%

For this example, the ICMS of 18% is for the State of São Paulo. Others States such as Rio de Janeiro, Parana, Santa Catarina, etc will have diferents percentages.

Hope this information can help!

posted 7 years ago by
Anderson Neves


Hello Lesley,

If you are planning to distribute baby products in Brazil, I'm willing to partner with you to sell the products in the baby stores I manage or distribute your products as a dealer.

I am looking forward to work with you.

Best regards,

posted 6 years ago by
Joao Camargos


Hi Joao I am looking to distribute my products in Brazil. I know the duty are very high but the products are not expensive so we can try. Thanks Eyal zaidman

Eyal Zaidman posted 5 years ago

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