Import duties on baby products

I am trying to find out the import duties payable on certain baby products but can't find the commodity codes listed? e.g.61119019 & 61113090

posted 6 years ago by
Lesley Short


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Hello Lesley,

If you are planning to distribute baby products in Brazil, I'm willing to partner with you to sell the products in the baby stores I manage or distribute your products as a dealer.

I am looking forward to work with you.

Best regards,

posted 6 years ago by
Joao Camargos


Hi Joao I am looking to distribute my products in Brazil. I know the duty are very high but the products are not expensive so we can try. Thanks Eyal zaidman

Eyal Zaidman posted 5 years ago

Dear Lesley,

The import duties and taxes payable when importing these goods into Brazil are:

  • Import Duty: 35%
  • IPI: 0%
  • Pis: 1,65%
  • Cofins: 9,10
  • ICMS (IVA/VAT): 18%

The import duty is applicable over import goods only while all other taxes are the same to products made in Brazil too. However, there is a 'equation' for calculation of the above duties/taxes and the result applicable over the CIF value are the following:

  • Import Duty: 35%
  • IPI: 0%
  • Pis: 2,40%
  • Cofins: 13,22%
  • ICMS (IVA/VAT): 33,06%

Then the total amount of the duties/taxes paid 'at sight' for clearance of the goods for these produtcs is: 83,68%

For this example, the ICMS of 18% is for the State of São Paulo. Others States such as Rio de Janeiro, Parana, Santa Catarina, etc will have diferents percentages.

Hope this information can help!

posted 6 years ago by
Anderson Neves


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