Do Brazilian public hospitals assist foreigners?

I'll be in the Northeast of Brazil for a week and I'm taking my kids with me. If there is an emergency – such as a dehydration or food intoxication – can we just look for a public hospital?

Will they assist us?

posted 8 years ago by
Marcia Walsh


2 Answers

Brazilian hospitals are public, they'll assist anyone.

The problem will be to explain what is happening in any language that is not Portuguese.

posted 8 years ago by
Alex May


Actually, no. They will only assist you if it is an emergency. Other than that, the Health Department has established that public medical care is restricted to Brazilian citizens and resident foreigners.

I don't think they'll assist a tourist. However, you can always pay for a single medical appointment. It is expensive, but far from being as expensive as it is in the US, for example.You can probably get a doctor with USD 50,00.

posted 8 years ago by
Sherri Sutton


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