Does Brazil share in the ATA Carnet network?

Does Brazil share in the ATA Carnet network?

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posted 1 decade ago by
Bill Cunningham


1 Answer

Brazil are yet not a member of ATA Carnet but it might be very soon.

"The ATA Carnet will be perfect for the 2014 and 2016 events as the agreement means we can import large racks of equipment, knowing it can remain for a period of 12 months without being eligible for duty."


"The U.S. Government is engaging the Brazilian government on use of ATA Carnets. The ATA Carnet, an internationally accepted customs document, would facilitate the temporary importation of commercial samples, professional equipment, and goods for exhibitions and fairs. Legislation to implement ATA Carnet is currently under consideration in Brazil’s Congress."


posted 1 decade ago by
Egil Fujikawa Nes

Fujikawa Nes

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