How can I calculate if it's better for my company to open a branch in Brazil or just export through a distributor?

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should go through with opening a branch in Brazil or just dealing with distributors.

I have seen some of your articles where you describe the processes and costs of opening a company there, but how can I know if it's a good deal for me?

posted 9 years ago by
Cintia Ramos


1 Answer

Hi Cintis Ramos!

I am Brazilian I live in USA for 15 years, and I worked 15 years in Aduana Government as auditor tax import and export, in Brazil.

My sugestion is:

If you have costumers in Brazil, and don't need invest to find them, open a branch, if you don't, will be better have a distribuitor , because they know the market.

If you are brasilian You will be able open this branch with out problems.

In order to export your goods over there, we are a company specialized in aduana clearece in Brazil.

Any other qustion I will be glad to answer you.

Here are our site my email

Thank you Doracy

posted 9 years ago by
Doracy Burns


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