How to find Brazil LED Light importers?

I am looking for the database of LED Lights importers in Brazil, is there any public database can find out from Internet, ie. customs, goverment etc. Thanks a lot. I Also would like to be connected with local project developers like the ones working on the projects for olympic and fifa.

posted 7 years ago by
Michael Cijntje


1 Answer

There are not many importer or distributor directories in Brazil. The best possibility to find a local prater is usually to attend local industry specific tradeshows.

If you cannot attend tradeshows ABINEE (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Elétrica e Eletrônica) might be a place to start. However you need to remember that local associations usually want to promote and protect national suppliers, so unless you are planning to do a significant investment in the Brazilian market ABINEE might not be able to provide you with the support you are looking for.

The only online resources are:

The most common approach is to contract a local consulting firm to provide a partner search in Brazil.

Disclosure: I’m owning and running a consulting firm in the area of Electronics.

posted 6 years ago by
Egil Fujikawa Nes

Fujikawa Nes

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