Importing from China via Courier Fedex

Outsourcing production in China, and having individual order from customers the process would be to send it when the product has been finished. It would be small items of customized clothing like t-shirts.. under 500 USD value.

First is this possible ? or do brasil deny it as I have seen in an other post ?

Do I also need an import licence considering that it is the courier doing the job ?

Can the import taxes be directly paid by the company and not the customers ?


posted 9 years ago by
Alexis Gerome


1 Answer


About the first question I have to say, if is a company they can import ,through the post office or courier, normally paying 60% of duty fees, and many times . no problem.

If is individual, you can but can , but can't to be with commercial destination.

Second question Yes you need a import license.

And finally, You can't to pay in advance the taxes, the taxes due when arrive in Brazil, unless you send the money to the customers, to pay .

If you need any another information about you quem contact me I will more than glad to help you.

My e-mail is, and our site where you can check about our experties is thanks


posted 9 years ago by
Doracy Burns


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