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Good Morning,

I'm Marketing manager of a company and I'm looking for an Office in San Paolo.

I'm Brasilian and I have the Brasilian Passport even if I live in Italy from 16 years .

Are you able to help me find a small office and tell me if there are some legal things to do or documents to present to the state of Brasil?

We would like to improve the business of the company who produces clothes made in Italy and we would like to study more the Brasilian Market.

posted 7 years ago by
Adriano Cortinovis


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Hi Mr. Marketing Manager,

Enter in contact with Daniel Malmskov from Vale Junto, - to the best of my knowledge they have office space for rent, in a nice place close to Av. Berrini.

Tell Daniel that I gave you his contact.

BR, Lauritz Stræde Hansen

posted 7 years ago by
Lauritz Stræde Hansen

Stræde Hansen

Hi Mr. Marketing Manager.

If you intent to export to Brazil, clothes , you will need a customer broker to process the importation in Brazil. We would like to offer our services, here is our site,so you can have a idea, how we can help you.

I am Doracy Burns, commercial Director.

My email is

Success! Doracy Burns

posted 7 years ago by
Doracy Burns


Dear Sir,

My name is Roberto Giola, italian and resident in Brasil many years. I have an office in São Paulo with approximately 100 m2 area at 11 floor of a very good building. If you are interest to rent or buy it I can provide to you with photos and additional informations. My e-mail is and my phone +55 21 9999 3871.

Best regards,
Roberto Giola

posted 6 years ago by
Roberto Giola


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