Sending goods to other Southern American countries, than ship to Brazil directly?

current i heard some company they sent the complete goods to other southern american countries, than ship to brazil directly, it means, they do not make any SKD and CKD in local brazil.

someone know how to operate it ? also which south american country can be handling it ? in Paraguay or Argentina ??

many thanks ~

posted 6 years ago by
Mariano Moreno


1 Answer

There are some fews reasons that people manage cargoes in this way. Some companies sent finished cargoes to places like Uruguay within the Mercosul agreement which allow then later on to enter into Brazil without payment of the 'import duty' and this can be an advantage.

Legally speaking when a imported product from outside mercosul (after clerance in Uruguay) is exported to Brazil 40% of the FOB must to be 'agregated' in Uruguay this requirement is necessary to obtain the Origin Certificate for these goods and be able to get this benefit in Brazil. We heard that some companies play 'dirty' and do not agregate any kind of value in Paraguay (assembling, packaging, parts, etc), but the correct way is mentioned above.

Other point of view is about the 'marine merchant tax' reduction. All importation into brazil comming from Ocean is subject to pay 25% over Ocean Freight Value, then some companies importing from Far East dispatch the cargo by sea to Uruguay (freight about us$ 2k or us$ 4k depend the container) and then transfer by truck to Brazil from the south (marine merchant not applied over truck or air freight). So they can save some money too.

If you keep searching this matter will find other ways people use to pay lower duties/taxes in Brasil and it may worth! One may suggest to be carefull and not be too much excited there are many tricks in this trade.

posted 6 years ago by
Anderson Neves


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