The process of exporting/importing to Brazil

I would like to know about the process of exporting/importing to Brazil. My questions would be the following:

  • Upon my product arriving to a port in Rio de Janeiro, are there companies/services/agents who could carry out all the required procedures (paperwork, customs, taxes, import duties) for a fee? (I do not have a business and am hesitant to contact distributors as eventually we would like to distribute ourselves.)

  • What would be the limit (depending on the product of course) that I could bring into the country without having a business set up in Brazil?

Ideally, myself and my partner (who is a Brazilian national) wish to get a sample of our product into Brazil, so we can begin distributing/marketing and establish whether we do have a market to sell our product. Then based on our findings we will know whether to open a business, start creating a business plan etc. We need assistance with the first steps to getting our product into Brazil

I appreciate there may be a fee for your services, if so, what would be your fees based on the information I need?

Any information whatsoever would be much appreciated, I thank you for you time.

posted 7 years ago by
Sebastian Lee-nunez


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You can hire a broker to take care of all the paperwork, customs, taxes and other required procedures. For that, I would suggest you to contact Sindaerj, which is the union for brokers in Rio de Janeiro. They will definetly be able to instruct you on how to hire the proper broker.

As for the amount of a certain product that you are allowed to bring to the country, you can find some information here. You can switch the content to English, if you will.

And as for the samples, you can bring up to US$ 500,00 and use the simplified taxation system. Actually, we wrote an article about it, you can read it here

Best regards,

Andréa Novais

posted 7 years ago by
Andréa Cristina Novais Silva

Andréa Cristina
Novais Silva

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